So, I already have something on the about page, but figure I’ll put more stuff here. First, yes, I know, this is connected to two of my ‘character blogs’, but, really, who is going to do all the work to find other blogs I am connected to? Especially as I am posting with another account. In any case, it’s not a worry of mine. I also want to give some warning; there will likely be some, what i consider, light language on this blog. Why? Because it is something I use.

But, as mentioned on the about page, as of now I have yet to officially start my first semester at Salem; that will not happen until the 21st of August. It wouldn’t be until the 23rd normally, but as I am in the ‘Salem Firsts’ program, meant for students who are the first in their family to go for a four year degree, there is a pre-orientation. Now, with that in my mind, I do not come from an uneducated family, it is jsut my dad ‘only’ has an ‘outdated’ associates in computer something, and my mom dropped out of nursing school when she realized it wasn’t for her. I am not from a privileged family, but a smart one nonetheless.

College is very likely to be mentioned a few times since it is a big part of my life at this moment. As well as my ideas on things and possible upset at other things, depending on what strikes my mood at the moment. I am very opinionated, though, I must warn. I have yet to actually upset people with what I say, since I’m nice enough to (most often) not call stupid people stupid to their faces and such things.

That is about it for now, but I hope it gives you a view of who I am and what tone this blog may have. To anyone reading this, hope I won’t bore you.


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  1. ntdc
    Jul 30, 2014 @ 09:15:43

    Salem :grins: in germany the name probably reminds most people who ever heard it anyway of 1. the witch trials of Salem and 2. the famous ‘School Castle Salem’, a boarding school for the children of mostly rich and noble people, has stipends too of course so they can say it´s not as it sounds 😉
    but from this and the blog ‘over there’ it sounds like a nice place, the admission office woman having remembered you and that program and all. hope it will be a great place for you, and considering you said it was the one that just felt right, I guess chances are good 🙂



    • Deidre
      Jul 30, 2014 @ 19:35:42

      Yep, everyone here thinks of the witch trials, too, but my college is in the totally opposite direction so…there’s that! lol And pfft…stipends, well least they try to make it not sound only full of richer people then lol
      And, thanks, I hope it will be, too. Intuition hasn’t failed me yet, so sticking with it 🙂



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