Memoirs of a College First Year #1

    So, technically I’m not a freshman, thanks to the credits that transferred over, but I am a first year at Salem College; a first year to any college besides community college even. You may have noticed the ‘#1’ so, yes, there’ll be a few of these, or so I’m hoping. I’m not going to offer advice besides the little that i have, but as I go through this year, I’m hoping that this will help people either feel not so alone, or to have an idea on what they’re getting into, or just for pure interest. This isn’t going to so much go into my personal stuff, there’ll be another post soon about all this so far that’ll be more in depth; this is just to help cover some things that could help others or so.

    Let me start off this first one with something very simple; do NOT rely on your roommate before you even meet. I’ve read this so many times and have just thought it as simple logic that you shouldn’t, but, apparently, some think otherwise. Okay, yes, if you are lucky, you might get paired with someone who you’ll be best of friends with, but you might also hate them with a fiery passion. Or you could be like me, and like some same stuff and get along well enough that you are able to live together. You probably won’t be in your room that often, big school or not, anyhow, but still. if you go to a small school, like me, then you’re more likely to find groups easier, but still. Don’t expect to do everything with your roommate. Sure, hang out the first week or so while y’all both get settled, but, unless you two seriously click, don’t get offended if they wander off, don’t feel guilty if you decide to go to some other people. Don’t use your roommate as a crutch. Just don’t expect that. See how it works for you, if you love your roommate, awesome, if you need a new one, it happens. But don’t expect too much before meeting.

    You’ll find people. It might take some doing, but you will. Hell, I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve found some people who seem nice enough to maybe be friends with. Of course I’m sticking to the other awkward people mostly, but whatever. I know this one is short, but just wanted to get off a starting point, and how expecting the best friend vibe form your roommate is a not so good thing to do seemed like a good one. There are longer articles, probably, about this someplace, too, but it all boils down to the same thing.


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