Besides my phone acting all funny with my inbox for Yahoo mail, this week hasn’t been too bad. I haven’t really felt homesick as much as I thought I would, though I am on animal withdrawal; though, thankfully, when I visited another classmate’s home for a Dr. Who premier thing, there were dogs, so that helped temporarily. Now, don’t get me wrong, I miss home, but not so much that I’m constantly thinking over it. Perhaps it’s because I’m at the right college for me (never thought I’d call a women’s college right for me) that made this transition easier. As I write this I am seat-dancing to Nicotine by Panic at the Disco; that’s not exactly screaming ‘I miss home’. 

    I have missed home when I’m off in a corner on my own, sure, but that’s just loneliness Like last night at the Big/Little mixer, I felt alone in my corner…until another first year came over and then some juniors. As it is, one of the juniors already mentioned ‘claiming’ me as her Little, even though it’s not the official reveal yet. And that’s awesome, because I like her, too, so it works out. Of course there are more get togethers yet, but still, it’s a possible start. Orientation kept my mind from missing home, yes, and now classes are starting. It all works out quite well. 

    Like a friend mentioned in the comments of my ‘Anxiety’ post, it’s like a second home. So much more now that I’m really here. I knew I would get over the worry soon enough, and I did near immediately. I miss my friends and family, but this place seems to be working out nicely for me. So far I am not regretting my decision. I expect my classes to be difficult, since this is one of the higher up colleges around, but still. I’m glad I chose Salem, only females (besides some teachers and public safety) around or not, it was a good choice, I do believe. It feels like home already, and I’m going to be grateful for that for as long as I’m here.

   And now, off to my math class.


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