Sex Scenes (because it’s the only appropriate title there is)

I was going to watch Once Upon a Time tonight, but seeing as I forgot I had workstudy, I’m sitting in the library instead. Oh well. On the plus side that means that I can type away while waiting for someone to maybe come up to the library desk for a test or book or what have you.

I came across an article/blog post recently that had gotten me thinking. It was about if people prefer more erotic scenes in their stories, or if they just like the ‘fade-to-black’ tool most authors nowadays employ. Now, I cannot talk for romance novels, which is what the article seemed to hone in on, since I do not read those. They bore me to tears most often. (Even though some friends are determined to get me to read ones they count as good, I doubt it’ll make me like the books) But this is still something that interests me, for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons being something that makes me debate putting it on this blog, or one connected to the thing more closely. I think, though, it belongs more over here since I don’t think I’ll focus on that bit but so much. Maybe. We’ll see.

I know I’ve read two books that really hit me with the fading bits, and I was kind of sitting there with the thought ‘but…but…please?’ No, not because I enjoy reading such thing,s but because I think it would’ve added something oh so wonderful. One was in the Bloodlines series and another in the Infernal Devices series. In the former, I really think it would have added this elusive something if, and I cannot remember if she had started with Adrian POVs by that point, if she had put that bit in his POV and maybe had something with him trying to not bite her. Not sure if that temptation was there or not, but it may have been. The not knowing is why the scene needed more! I don’t know, I’m just spewing ideas. With the latter, Will and Tessa…oh, so many things with that series is amazing but, while like the Bloodlines book, it went on to pretty much ending with him on top of her before fading, it still could have been…more. I will take what I can get of both of those couples, and I would not have objected to reading on each’s first times together. Of course that would have had the books bump from young adult to adult, but still.

The thing with having sex scenes in books, if done correctly, is that it can be so wonderful an addition. If done correctly. Okay, if you suck at writing about sex, use the fade tool, if not…give it a shot. If you’re not aiming at a younger audience, go for it. Granted, teens form thirteen on are very ‘educated’ about such matters, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to publishing industries. Not that I’m saying thirteen year olds need to be reading about sex; they really, really, REALLY don’t.

If I was better at writing on sex, I would probably put it in my WIP books in the right context; mostly the first time a couple is together, if they’ve been separated a long time, if I never showed how they work (or don’t) together in that context. It would really depend on a few factors, but I wouldn’t do it all the time because that would make it…sex heavy and, unless you are wishing to write erotica, that’s not needed. You don’t even really need to go into detail, just give a hint as to how whoever’s POV your writing in is feeling with this, what they think

And as I think about it, I take back what I said earlier; both Richelle Mead and Cassandra Clare did fabulous with their fading. They didn’t need more detail with how they did it, though Mead’s could have used maybe a hint more since it didn’t stick with me as much as Clare’s. Clare’s, while still a FTB, was…perfect. It had Tessa describing how she saw Will in this light, how much love there was, and…I don’t know. I still can vaguely remember a few of the lines and the scene in my head. Mead’s…I can remember it to an extent, so maybe a hint more in there would have made it stick. Either way, they did both well with what they did, and it worked for the targeted age group especially.

Now, like I said, I suck at writing sex scenes. I can do it to a certain point, but then it just…drops. But with that said, I may or may not prefer/dabble with writing certain types of scenes in roleplay. ONLY because I am comfortable with the person who I write such things with, else it would never, never, never happen in a million years. It also helps that he’s fucking (no pun intended) amazing at writing that kind of thing. Seriously, just thinking of the wonderful writing makes me all sorts of happy. While I cannot match the skill level, I try, and when we’ve the time for it/I convince him I’m really happy. Why? No, not because of what you might be thinking, but because of the fact those scenes really add something. Especially when you are writing for a character, those scenes just…add something I cannot name. Even if there’s a fade that happens way later on, after clothes and all that is gone, or if there’s a short summation of it all, it makes it have something more. Going full out makes it all the better (sometimes), but there are ways to work around that if you can write well; which said writing ‘partner’ is. I’m really happy I met him and became comfortable even for that with him, too. Really. I hate asking to not fade scenes because I’m shy and, again, awful at writing those scenes (but I’m working on it), but still happy I’m able to from time to time.

So, yes, when done well and not overly so that the work of writing spills over into erotica, I like ‘racier’ scenes in novels instead of ‘simple’ FTB scenes; more developed FTB scenes (seriously, read Infernal Devices, I forget which book. But read them all because all are wonderful anyway.) sure, but simple and stopping soon as someone looses a shirt, no. This is something I’m not ashamed to admit, because it isn’t as if I’m looking for such scenes for my own sexual gratification, but more for the so beautiful addition they can be. The bit about if you can’t write sex scenes stick to FTB still applies, seriously. If you can’t write that kind of stuff, don’t hurt us with publishing a book with a long, bad sex scene in it. All the readers will skip it.

I really do find this topic interesting, and am truly curious as to what others think if they are for such scenes, or if ‘cleaner’ is more their style. I think the like and dislike of these scenes tells a bit about a person in terms of how much they prefer privacy or if they may be open about the sex life. That’s speculation, but it’s still a possibility.

And because I found the post again, here’s what got me thinking (and the except in that post is something along the lines of what makes me happy in books, it doesn’t need to be but so detailed to make it work):


F-A-L-L F-E-S-T it’s Fall Fest y’all!

That right there is stuck in my head now. Thank you very much roommate and hall mates that decided I couldn’t roll over and go back to bed.

Alright, I’m not as grumbly as I was this morning, since I have since had food and sleep and coffee (coffee very important), so I can appreciate it a bit better. Fall Fest is one the things that Salem has and it’s basically homecoming for when you lack a football team. Instead there’s a competition of sorts between graduating classes and there are no classes or workstudies or anything that day. Unless you have fall play rehearsal, like myself and some others. But, still, pretty much all there is are the activities planned, and that’s early in the morning until eleven or so and then again around seven until late at night, including a Big/Little poster/cooler/other gift exchange. I stayed up until three to finish/start mine, and woke up at six.

Fall Fest is…interesting, and I hate mornings, but I didn’t get into a sour mood because people were yelling near me. (No, I did not do any chanting/singing/etc. I clapped, at least) I think that can be attributed to the fact that most of the people were so hyper and happy and such that I didn’t really get affected by the hour, but by their happy mood. Granted I’m pretty much positive the whole senior class was drunk, if only because of how they got up before six for something that involves a lot of noise. That’s all I’m saying because why spoil the surprise if someone who wants to attend Salem reads this, hm?

I have decided, though, that even though I’m not going to be here my senior year, having graduated my junior/senior year and gone off to work on my Master’s so I can get a damned job, I will come back for Fall Fest. Why? Because I feel like doing the thing with a bunch of noise since I’ll have to deal with it for two more years. Yes, pay it forward just in a so very different way.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. It’s just meant as a way to wake up people up and get them excited for Fall Fest, and it did for some people. I know a few who rolled over and went back to sleep, like I planned, but the rest? The rest were excited and pumped; much like they would have been for homecoming if we had a football team. I like this better than homecoming most certainly.

If it wasn’t for rehearsal today would be a lazy day, but, for now, I’m going to finish my sticky bun and coffee, sleep a bit longer probably, and then go to a long rehearsal since the play opens tomorrow night. Tomorrow. Cannot believe it. I’ll end with this; I had my doubts about Fall Fest and thought I’d be a bit grouchy the whole day, but turns out not. It’s nice, actually, in it’s weird way. Just like Salem.

Untapped Potential

I know, another blog. But there’s so much on my mind recently, some that is only in my diary since it isn’t fit for world view granted, but still. Right now I’m thinking I need to wrap myself in bubble wrap so I don’t keep hurting myself, especially my knees. Yesterday and today have seen me falling and hurting myself; this is the third time my knees have been scrapped, my left worst because, apparently, that’s where my weight goes when I fall. Yea, fun.

See, I wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t having to close the library tonight and go up and down all the floors. Third most haunted school in the Piedmont Triad. That’s all I have to say on that subject.

And in line with the whole ghost thing is that I somehow got on the topic with my family last night about how, from my Dad’s side, we have this sort of…future-seeing dream-thing when we’re young. And then it sort of fades as we get older. I don’t want it to fade. I know it did for my Dad, probably for his parents if either of them had it, and I think it has for my brother, too. I know this might sound weird, but it’s true. I’m not sure if it’s because of a part of the brain that most people don’t use is used with us, or just because our brains work differently; since it is uncertain if humans in general use only part of their brain, or if brains just work differently, have different folding, different amounts of gray and white matter, etc. However it works, it is something that, if I lose it completely, will feel like losing a large part of me.

I haven’t had these sorts of dreams in a while, I still get strong deja vu, but that’s about it. I used to be able to tell people exactly how something was going to happen before it did. Now, now so much. And I hate that. It’s not just because I was ‘special’, but because it was part of me. My theory is more that I just don’t remember the dreams so well rather than I’ve lost this ability. So, what it comes down to is remembering my dreams, figuring out how to do that.

I know some of you may be thinking that I’m crazy, and if you want to think that, go ahead. But I’m not. I’m telling the truth on this. I don’t’ know how it works, or why it seems to travel from my Dad’s side; it just does. See, the thing is, there is a part of psychology that studies this exact thing. Granted they stuff all this under an umbrella term of ‘ESP’ (extrasensory perception). It’s a very small branch, and most people in any science field dismiss it because there isn’t enough ‘evidence’ of it, but it comforts em that there is a sort of field. I’m trying to hold on tot he small tendrils that still exist of what I could do, but, even if I lose it completely, I hope that anyone else who has/had some ‘other’ sense than the five we all know will be able to know the why and how someday. If enough study is done on it, who knows.

Most people do not like to believe in things they can’t see, or that people say they ‘used’ to be able to do; so I know I may not be counted as a reliable source. I just know I believe in untapped potential of the human brain. I know I believe that some people can do things others can’t, or that everyone can do strange things, they just don’t know how and it doesn’t come as naturally to them.

Life is weird. Human brains are weird. I figure we’re like icebergs; 10% seen, and 90% unseen. And with there being so much unknown, who is to say future-dreams or anything else is impossible?

Memoirs of a College First Year #2

Something today inspired me, in a sense, to write this. I’ve realized that one of the major differences between a community college and a four-year one, if you live on campus, is the accessibility to people. Now, that is both good and bad, depending on how you are. As of the moment, I notice people already finding their groups and sets of friends, while I’m being how I usually am and flitting from group to group until I find a ‘set’ or until I find people who I really, truly count as friends. That may take me a year or two, granted, but still. I’m an introvert, I’m fine with alone time. Sure, sometimes I want to be with people, go out, socialize, but that’s rare.

My roommate on the other hand, she’s an extrovert. Like seriously an extrovert. If she had to spend time by herself, I’m pretty sure she would die. That’s not a bad thing, and I’m not here to bash extroverts or anyone who likes socializing, but something that people need to keep in mind as the access to people grows; know your limits. Do not think you can stay out somewhere on campus, be it in the lobby, someone else’s room, out on some bench, until six in the morning and be able to wake up for an eight AM class. Somehow my roommate did jsut that, though, today, I think her late nights (usually ending around 3) are catching up to her. Naps pretty much every day, and then today she missed a ten AM class. Why? Because of the late nights that may be part study-part socializing.

One of the very important things about college is sleep. So, yes, when in dorms it may be tempting to stay up really late, but don’t. Just no. Yes, I have stayed up until…one or twelve at night playing card games once or twice, but that’s because I know I can still wake up in the morning. Even if I got to bed at two, if my class is at eleven and I really push myself to get up (like with the promise of actual breakfast, not just a little strustel cake or bag of cookies), I can get up and get going. It helps if I set ten alarms, but that’s besides the point.

Basically, if you live in a dorm, socialize, but don’t overdo it. You have to make time to actually do your work and then sleep. Weekends, do whatever the hell you want; but weekdays? That’s just not going to work. If you’re someone who thrives on socializing, that’s not to say you can’t stay up talking to other people, just…if it reaches a certain time and you know you have some really early class, excuse yourself and go to bed. Professors want you in their class since, usually, they have a sign in sheet. And it’s not like elementary to high school where you get ten days absences; at best you get three before they fail you. Unless you have a good excuse of course and, no, ‘I overslept’ does not count unless your professor is the best ever.

Instead of realizing sleep is needed halfway into the year, realize it before you even go and plan accordingly. It’ll help you so much more and make life so much easier; your roommate might not always be there to wake you up.

Don’t Like Buying ‘Things’? There is Something Wonderful in the World

I’m still not exactly happy at the moment, but a few things today are little happy spots: finding out the salt water taffy at a gift shop nearby is 10 cents each (cheaper than I thought), a cute maybe virtual kitty (don’t judge, she’s adorable), eating salt water taffy (like now), Anastasia being on Netflix (have a little toy of her, and used to have a ‘to scale’-ish toy of the dog with flappy ears) and a box that had coconut chocolate macaroons in it.

I’m going to talk about the box, because that one store made me supremely happy. I don’t like talking about certain things, admitting certain things, and basically want to deny I have a certain biological function as a woman. I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it. In any case, here’s this: there is a website called The Period Store. While I don’t like talking about these sorts of things, this store, as said, made me really, really happy. No, not just because they have chocolates, different every month, in their box, but because of their customer service. I had issue because, for some reason, it kept thinking I wasn’t putting in my phone number when I was. I emailed. They got back to me a day later, apologizing for the ‘delay’ (I wonder what non-delayed replies are), and then getting it sorted out. It got sorted out, like really quick. I’m still just exuberant about that because customer service is something that can either make me happy or angry, and I was made happy.

Of course it helps, too, that they’ve got all these little packages, one even ‘just’ a treat package, and that it negates the need to go get…stuff. And it’s in a plain cardboard box, so no one needs be the wiser even. Extra yay! Granted it’s late this time (but that kind of thing doesn’t go ‘bad’, so not a waste or anything) because of the delay with signup, but the chocolates are still wonderful. There’s also a little art thing, medicine tablets, tea (different teas per month, too), and whatever else you ordered, which you can change as much as you want. You can even have something come in ‘just’ one package instead of monthly. Even things that you don’t usually find in stores. Okay, well, as I’ve been told, maybe just not the average American Walmart and such.

So, yes, not having to go buy some stuff makes me happy. Plus it came within two days of my getting the email it shipped. It coming with tea and chocolate makes me happy, too, so… It may not take much to make me happy at times, but I’m glad for this. And for any other women who read this and either want something they can’t really find or just don’t like buying those types of things or just think it’s an awesome idea, go and look at the link, which I’ll add here again, too. Click here to check the store out; The Period Store

This is the last time I’ll ever openly talk about this. Ever.

Beyond Control

I’m feeling a bit sad today. Not for any real, explosive reason, but simply because of things that are out of my control. As much as I have come to accept not everything can work how I would like it to, it still hurts sometimes when something or other seems to happen. Especially when it has happened before and I know there is nothing to do for it besides hope. It makes me want to cry almost, at the sheer unfairness of it all and how frustrated I am, but at the same time I know tears won’t do me any good.

When I was little, I used to cry over everything; say what you will about pageants, the two I was in when I was five or six and seven, I think, helped me stop crying over losing something. The first year was awful, and the second year, when I made it to the semi-finals and was close to actually being a finalists…it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad. And then when I tried out for teams and didn’t make it, I didn’t cry. As much. And now that I’m grown, I only cry when the frustration is too much, when the worry is too much; not because I lost something so simple as a spot on a team.

But right now I very much feel like curling up in my bed. I keep hoping, as I sip my coffee, it’ll make me feel better; unfortunately, I chose mocha and am currently regretting that decision. The good thing about being at an all women’s college is that if I seem moody I can just claim certain ‘times’ and all that without having to explain a thing.  So, here’s a hint, if you’re someone who’s often to get into moods, and a woman, chose an all women’s college and then you can explain away such things with a few simple words. Just make sure you only use that excuse once a month.

You can as a man, too, since, well, men get moody times, too. Deny it all you want, it happens. Though admitting to that might cause some backfire, but, hey, moody times are for all genders; everyone has some estrogen in them, even ‘manly’ men.

Though when it comes to things out of your control, things you wish so desperately you could change but can’t, it’s a matter of…acceptance, I think. You have to accept you cannot change it, even if whatever is going on upsets someone you care about, too. You have to accept it and try to not let it get you down so much. The only problem there, of course, is that your logical and emotional bits will argue, rather loudly, since the emotions want to be felt and the logic is calling your emotions stupid for feeling like this. But that’s life, that’s being human; all your parts arguing 24/7 more or less.

Maybe I’m reading into things too much and what I think is happening isn’t actually happening, but it could be. And I don’t want to ask in case that’ll cause what I think is going on to actually happen. Again, that is. And maybe I’m feeling so strongly on this because of something someone said yesterday that’s more true than I’d like to admit, I think, I haven’t decided how true it is or not…but if it’s as true as I’m thinking, that could explain a lot. Sometimes people know you better than you know yourself, don’t they?

The funny thing is that, that outside opinion, was of something else beyond my control. I don’t know, I’m still thinking on if it’s true or not. I’m feeling like everything in my life just jumped off the cliff of rationality and into the void of the unknown, the unpredictable. I’m sure others have had points like that in their lives, and I’m sure that this will not be the last; the last will be whenever I die. And if reincarnation is a thing (which I do so hope) it won’t be the last, either. So, yea, my conclusion for today is that life is something of a tornado, always spinning and throwing bits of debris around that sometimes hit you smack in the face. No predictability, no control, and, if you’re like me, that isn’t always easy to accept.

This isn’t some big and meaningful post, I know, and I don’t want to just let it all out here but…I don’t know. It helps. I could write in my diary, but that only helps so much and sometimes typing into the vastness that is the internet helps me feel better. You know how Facebook statuses have been proven to decrease feelings of loneliness? It’s like that, only not.

Hopefully after today I’ll feel not so sad, but that’s yet to be seen. As always I’ll smile and laugh, even if I still feel a bit sad; maybe the smiling and laughing will make me feel better even. Or maybe what I’m worried on will be proven wrong. In any case, life is life, sometimes it sucks, sometimes you can’t do a damn thing to fix anything, but you have to accept it and do as you can. Don’t let it beat you down, just stand up and hope against hope that things will be nice again. You have to hope, that’s all we really have as humans. Ignore the things you think are unimportant, ignore the things you wish didn’t exist, and hope. Just…hope and believe and make sure people know they matter.


Today my little brother turns seventeen.

It sounds so much younger when I apply it to him, then when I turned seventeen myself. Why? I think because I’ve always been more mature than him in certain stages. His age five did not look like my age five, for example. For me, when I get a year older it’s more a shrug and ‘call me when my physical and mental age match’, rather than a…stepping stone. I don’t think much of my birthday because it doesn’t get too hugely celebrated, and is usually celebrated late, along with my whole not caring how old I am ‘technically’. I’ll care when I’m, oh, thirty-five. Physically. Mentally I like to believe I’m around early thirties already.

But back to my brother. This is the first year I won’t be there to tell him happy birthday in person, try and keep my mom from signing ‘Happy Birthday’ (she’s the only one who likes that), or…anything, really. I did order him a gift off Etsy, and I am so stocked it was, at least at the time I bought it, the only one available. probably once the one for him is made and shipped and all that, there might be another, but for now…it’s unique. I hope that he’ll like it, and I think that he will.

I still wish I could be there and actually, physically give it to him. Not just because it’s fragile, but because he’s my brother and I love him. No, we haven’t always gotten along. Yes, when we were little, there was  a point where we were more or less at each other’s throats. But we got over it, got along. Sometimes we’d just have these little talks, sitting in the living room when our parents would be elsewhere, and he’d tell me about some girl he likes, or some girl that likes him, school, and other things. He’s not that talkative of a person, so I felt glad that he was opening up to me. And I would give him the same, opening up to him whereas, like him, I’m not prone to it for certain things. I like that. I’m glad to say he and I actually have something of a brother-sister bond. There was a point where I thought we’d never get along, and then one day he decided to talk to me, tell me things.

Whenever he’d get good grades on something, something usually somewhat rare for him, he’d come into my room and tell me. He would try to not seem proud of himself, but I could tell he was. He never wanted to make a big deal out of it, but he wanted to show me. Maybe because I’ve always been the one who has had good behavior in school, good grades, and all that; he liked to tell me things that were equal or greater to what I’ve done. He loves to say how he has more friends than I did in high school. He’s more social than I am, and he takes all the positives and negatives that come with it.

Next year I think, when he’s turned eighteen, he’s going into the military. He plans to graduate in January instead of June (though he’ll still walk, which I will be there for, thankfully), work some until he can go off to bootcamp at eighteen. I’m proud of him. Especially since he’s finally getting his stuff together and studying, doing homework. It took since fifth grade or so to, but he’s finally back on track because he so very much wants to graduate early.

I’m proud of him. He may hate it whenever I call him my baby brother, but he is. Just like I’m his ‘sissy’, something he never ‘grew out’ of calling me. I actually don’t mind now that he still calls me that. So he’s my brother, with all his imperfections, and I love him.

Night Walk

    Tonight I wanted to see the harvest moon, so I left my dorm room under the pretense of going to buy a soda from the vending machine. When I went outside, it was light but dark still, moonlight mingling with artificial light. There was a light drizzle, so light that you could only feel it; though if the light hit it just right you could jsut barely see it. It was nice, warm but not too much, a lovely night. I wandered around the campus, the headed to where I light to see a lighter patch in the sky, walked past a tree, over some brick walkway that’s uneven as you wouldn’t believe. 

    I didn’t see it behind the tree or elsewhere. I didn’t find the harvest moon, but it was a lovely night to wander, to slow down anyway. A little night walk that made me smile simply for being outside in the night air, with drizzling rain falling down on me. It allowed me to breath, to relax, to feel better in general. I smiled. Thinking of the nice weather, wishing there were more skies and less artificial light. I might take a night walk again sometime.

    I read about an article, speaking about how people should slow down. And I agree with it. I think my night walk will be my ‘slowing down’, relaxing, not bouncing around from class to homework to socializing to working on translating a song/teaching myself German, whether on the internet or physically, but rather just…me time. I like that idea.

    Night walks are good for that.

    And I’ll just leave this here, since…I don’t know. It feels night-walky, slow down..if only to slow down and love the one you’re with, let them know and all.


A Day

    This is sorta-kinda a reflection over the week, plus me moping around a little.

    So this week wasn’t half bad at all; didn’t go to the mall Wednesday because I decided better not after having a long day anyhow. I have three out of four textbooks so far, and on Friday I convinced a friend and her roommate to go to downtown with me, since it is within walking distance. The downtown trip was fun, even with the whole having to call public safety to get us back since we weren’t exactly eager to go down a darker street… I didn’t care much, but one of the girls did, so we did. We got to get a ride back in a gold cart-thing, so worked out.

    And now there’s the weekend. Most people I know have gone home for the weekend or are setting their Sunday aside for the doing of homework, and that leaves me with no one to go tot he mall with. Now, I would be fine going on my own if I wasn’t going to have to keep myself entertained for four hours. I can’t go on Wednesday because I have rehearsal. But if this happens again next Sunday, am liable to just say ‘fuck it’ and go on my own. Why? Because I like going off campus when I have a chance, plus I want to get my brother and mom a birthday gift yet. The top thing on my list for next year is ‘get a car by some means’.

     Oh, and my Spanish textbook order was cancelled due to a ‘technical problem’. What technical problem? I swear they said it was shipped. But, in any case, now I’m down the book I could probably need the most…

    I can already tell that this week is going to be long, so I’m probably going to buy a bag of sugar cake tomorrow from the nearby bakery and call it a day. My workstudy for closing the library tonight probably won’t be that bad, but after? Yea, still not so convinced I’m going to love this week.

    There’s a reason I detest making plans with other people; they tend to fall through. But, maybe, hopefully, this week will be nicer than I’m imagining. One of the highlights should be a Q&A thing with a nature-based-religion group, and I’m mostly going to go to listen to other’s POVs and for the pizza. Food makes me a bit happier. So, one known good thing and, maybe – though I don’t count on it – other good things this week, too.


    So maybe I’m procrastinating a little, tiny bit, but I want to get this out there before it leaves my head. First, I’ll start with a  bit of introduction; Millennials, Generation Y, the Me/We Generation, the Net Generation, along with so many other names is the name for the group of people born between 1980 and the early 2000’s. It’s a broad group, but so are the other groupings, such as Generation X, the Silent Generation, and the Baby Boomers. Granted, these groupings tend to be more based in America, but it still, I think, can apply to other countries because of the characteristics given.

    For Millennials, there is much written, and it’s not always positive. We’re called lazy and disrespectful and many other things, when, yes, it does apply tot eh children born in the early 2000’s, that I will agree to. But the rest of us? Those of us out of high school? In college? Running our own businesses? Not so much. The lazy, well, that I can’t argue against, but the lazy does push us to be more innovative in how to do things with limited work; the disrespectful is what I’m arguing. Children are…well, form what I’ve seen, aren’t so wonderful. There’s a few who are adorable and actually act like children, but then there are the others. At least up to high school freshman, they look like mini-adults, in a bad way. The girls mostly seem to dress with way too little clothing for their age, and the guys mostly look like mini douche bags. Children are supposed to be adorable, not scary.

    But when you get to the respect aspect, I will say some children do need to learn what a spanking is. My parents, while they rarely had to and usually did timeouts rather, they weren’t afraid to do that. The scariest thing in my childhood was, “Wait until your father gets home” and I would straighten up immediately, my brother as well, which in turn didn’t have our mom telling our dad. Except for once or twice, I think. I know to not backtalk my parents, even as an adult, since that is disrespectful, and my parents don’t deserve that. But children now…they seem to be of the belief that their parents are at their beck and call. No, no they aren’t. They are there to raise you into functioning adults; though if a child thinks their parent is to obey them, then that’s probably the parent’s fault. Which in turn creates a ‘rude’ generation.

    I am polite. I do not respect people until they earn it, it is not freely given, but I am polite. Up until you make me not be polite, which is usually hard to do. A friend and I (who is now dubbed JP) were talking about this very thing not too long, which is what is pushing me to write on this really; that and one of my classes is about Millennials. The thought that we both could agree on is that people our age and up are respectful, the rest…not so much. As much as I hate that they count as part of our generation, they are. I think there ought to be a sharp divide, give those children some other name, but there isn’t.

    I’m not saying all younger children are awful, because they’re not. But the vast majority, at least from what I have seen? They are. It scares me for what our future is to be since, after twenty or so years, those children will be the ones in charge of everything. Like I said, not all the children are awful, and maybe it’s because of where I live, but…it’s still a scary thought. And when people are asked to say what they think about Millennials? It’s probably going to be derived form those children and their behavior, which is where I believe the stereotype of us being rude comes from. There are many, many good things written about us as well, but with that stigma attached? I’m not sure if I could be completely proud to associate as a Millennial; maybe I could just slip back to Generation X?

    Yes, I’m spoiled to a certain extent, as my parents wanted to give me and my brother what they didn’t have. But I know to clean up after myself, I know I shouldn’t mouth off to people in higher positions (though I would anyway if they piss me off), I know that I have to deal with the consequences of my actions. And I sure as hell know that nothing is going to be given to me on a silver platter, that I have to work for it or I’m going to be stuck no place good. I know the value of money and, while from time to time I’m given to indulgence against logic, I still know not to use it all. Really, that’s the extent of my being spoiled; the fact I’m liable to use money when I probably shouldn’t instead of saving.

    JP mentioned she works at a summer camp and a child who she asked to clean up his own mess said, “I don’t pick up trash.”

    He was in fourth grade. Let that sink in a moment.

    But maybe if people start looking to those my age and above there’ll be a more positive light shown on this grouping. Don’t focus on the little ones who need to learn a thing or two yet, but rather those of us who are actually grown and classify as adults.

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