Faith in Humanity Level -100

    I was going to type something else today, but then I scrolled across something on my Facebook feed. It seems that C-Lo Green had sent out some rather…disturbing tweets. He deleted his accounts (and the tweets), and restored his account later, the tweets still gone. But people, of course, took screen shots, and so many of his followers saw it. Putting what he said in non-text speak, “It’s not rape if the person isn’t conscious.”


    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure non-consensual sex is still rape. Even if there isn’t evidence like ‘broken glass’ that would come from a ‘robbery’, there’s still problem some DNA on the poor woman’s body, regardless of condom usage or not. And yes, that was one of his arguments. See, this is one thing that has me lose faith in humanity, but the fact people were rightly pissed off at that, restores my faith a little bit.

    But, think about it, if the people who make laws thought like that? Then what? The women and men who are taken advantage of would not have a voice if they were slipped something or knocked out by some other means. Or, hell, if they were drunk. That would have so many people scarred and without any justice coming their way, no matter what evidence there is.

    So it’s only rape if someone if physically fighting back? Yea, no. Sorry, but that’s an awful way to think.



Sort of an UPDATE: Going to just leave this link here, since one of the blogs I read actually posted something on this exact thing I now see, and it mentions the ‘Yes Means Yes’ law to be implemented in California as well, just in case you’re interested.


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  1. ntdc
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 06:31:47

    wow. baffling that someone can say something stupid like that. I´d like to know if he´d say the same if it was done to his mother, sister, daughter…or to himself actually. that´s a form of self-centeredness I don´t even know a word existing for. I don´t know but it seems even worse to me in some regards if it´s done on someone who´s unconscious. can really only pray it´s not many who see it that way. but you have to see that as a case. can´t blame all of humanity for such brainless? ethicless? compassionateless? I don´t know what he´s lacking, but he´s lacking -some-thing that makes out humanity or being a human, douchebags.



    • Deidre
      Sep 03, 2014 @ 18:44:15

      Yep, exactly. Though enough people tend to stick tot he idea that guys can’t be in such situations, but, well, ship ’em to prison and see what happens. And, yea, I’d think it would be worse for that, too, perhaps not -as- scarring because of the lack of memory, but scarring none the less :/
      I know, I shouldn’t blame all of humanity, but…I just know there are probably others who think like that (i.e. people who wold rape someone) and it just…unsettles me. Though you do have a point, people who think like this probably shouldn’t much count as human or anything…
      Okay, so, not upset at humanity, upset at those outliers who pretend to be human/have humanity.



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