So maybe I’m procrastinating a little, tiny bit, but I want to get this out there before it leaves my head. First, I’ll start with a  bit of introduction; Millennials, Generation Y, the Me/We Generation, the Net Generation, along with so many other names is the name for the group of people born between 1980 and the early 2000’s. It’s a broad group, but so are the other groupings, such as Generation X, the Silent Generation, and the Baby Boomers. Granted, these groupings tend to be more based in America, but it still, I think, can apply to other countries because of the characteristics given.

    For Millennials, there is much written, and it’s not always positive. We’re called lazy and disrespectful and many other things, when, yes, it does apply tot eh children born in the early 2000’s, that I will agree to. But the rest of us? Those of us out of high school? In college? Running our own businesses? Not so much. The lazy, well, that I can’t argue against, but the lazy does push us to be more innovative in how to do things with limited work; the disrespectful is what I’m arguing. Children are…well, form what I’ve seen, aren’t so wonderful. There’s a few who are adorable and actually act like children, but then there are the others. At least up to high school freshman, they look like mini-adults, in a bad way. The girls mostly seem to dress with way too little clothing for their age, and the guys mostly look like mini douche bags. Children are supposed to be adorable, not scary.

    But when you get to the respect aspect, I will say some children do need to learn what a spanking is. My parents, while they rarely had to and usually did timeouts rather, they weren’t afraid to do that. The scariest thing in my childhood was, “Wait until your father gets home” and I would straighten up immediately, my brother as well, which in turn didn’t have our mom telling our dad. Except for once or twice, I think. I know to not backtalk my parents, even as an adult, since that is disrespectful, and my parents don’t deserve that. But children now…they seem to be of the belief that their parents are at their beck and call. No, no they aren’t. They are there to raise you into functioning adults; though if a child thinks their parent is to obey them, then that’s probably the parent’s fault. Which in turn creates a ‘rude’ generation.

    I am polite. I do not respect people until they earn it, it is not freely given, but I am polite. Up until you make me not be polite, which is usually hard to do. A friend and I (who is now dubbed JP) were talking about this very thing not too long, which is what is pushing me to write on this really; that and one of my classes is about Millennials. The thought that we both could agree on is that people our age and up are respectful, the rest…not so much. As much as I hate that they count as part of our generation, they are. I think there ought to be a sharp divide, give those children some other name, but there isn’t.

    I’m not saying all younger children are awful, because they’re not. But the vast majority, at least from what I have seen? They are. It scares me for what our future is to be since, after twenty or so years, those children will be the ones in charge of everything. Like I said, not all the children are awful, and maybe it’s because of where I live, but…it’s still a scary thought. And when people are asked to say what they think about Millennials? It’s probably going to be derived form those children and their behavior, which is where I believe the stereotype of us being rude comes from. There are many, many good things written about us as well, but with that stigma attached? I’m not sure if I could be completely proud to associate as a Millennial; maybe I could just slip back to Generation X?

    Yes, I’m spoiled to a certain extent, as my parents wanted to give me and my brother what they didn’t have. But I know to clean up after myself, I know I shouldn’t mouth off to people in higher positions (though I would anyway if they piss me off), I know that I have to deal with the consequences of my actions. And I sure as hell know that nothing is going to be given to me on a silver platter, that I have to work for it or I’m going to be stuck no place good. I know the value of money and, while from time to time I’m given to indulgence against logic, I still know not to use it all. Really, that’s the extent of my being spoiled; the fact I’m liable to use money when I probably shouldn’t instead of saving.

    JP mentioned she works at a summer camp and a child who she asked to clean up his own mess said, “I don’t pick up trash.”

    He was in fourth grade. Let that sink in a moment.

    But maybe if people start looking to those my age and above there’ll be a more positive light shown on this grouping. Don’t focus on the little ones who need to learn a thing or two yet, but rather those of us who are actually grown and classify as adults.


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  1. ntdc
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 06:40:26

    laughs. oh I always thought millennials are those born so from 2000-2010, good to know someone studying psychology.I think here those from 1980-2000 are usually called Generation Y…and for those born around my year there´s the term ‘MTV-generation too lol and all that ‘generation-talk’ is a big thing here too, papers and magazines love that and there are books enough too I think.
    and yes, have to be very careful with today´s kids <.< you don´t want to know some of the things I learned when my son was in kindergarten and basic school even -_-



    • Deidre
      Sep 03, 2014 @ 18:40:25

      Yea, I tended to think so too, since it made sense, but, well *shrugs* And it’s actually nothing to do with my psych class, but, yes, it is always good to know someone studying psych *nods*
      Generation Y is another name for the group as mentioned, but..well, I think it fits better than Millennials, so if I had to choose, would go with what y’all use mostly over there tbh. And, yea, every small section of a generation has little..special bits since, yea, MTV generation and all that.
      Okay, ah, see, I wasn’t sure how big it was elsewhere since I know for like the Silent generation, they’re named partly because of things like the Dust Bowl and such, though considering they are also named because of the Great Depression and how world-wide that was, it does make sense. Wasn’t sure, but good to hear I wasn’t wrong with guessing it spread further 🙂
      And, hm, I’ll take your word on that since…well, I can imagine how ‘fun’ the things learned could be 😛



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