A Day

    This is sorta-kinda a reflection over the week, plus me moping around a little.

    So this week wasn’t half bad at all; didn’t go to the mall Wednesday because I decided better not after having a long day anyhow. I have three out of four textbooks so far, and on Friday I convinced a friend and her roommate to go to downtown with me, since it is within walking distance. The downtown trip was fun, even with the whole having to call public safety to get us back since we weren’t exactly eager to go down a darker street… I didn’t care much, but one of the girls did, so we did. We got to get a ride back in a gold cart-thing, so worked out.

    And now there’s the weekend. Most people I know have gone home for the weekend or are setting their Sunday aside for the doing of homework, and that leaves me with no one to go tot he mall with. Now, I would be fine going on my own if I wasn’t going to have to keep myself entertained for four hours. I can’t go on Wednesday because I have rehearsal. But if this happens again next Sunday, am liable to just say ‘fuck it’ and go on my own. Why? Because I like going off campus when I have a chance, plus I want to get my brother and mom a birthday gift yet. The top thing on my list for next year is ‘get a car by some means’.

     Oh, and my Spanish textbook order was cancelled due to a ‘technical problem’. What technical problem? I swear they said it was shipped. But, in any case, now I’m down the book I could probably need the most…

    I can already tell that this week is going to be long, so I’m probably going to buy a bag of sugar cake tomorrow from the nearby bakery and call it a day. My workstudy for closing the library tonight probably won’t be that bad, but after? Yea, still not so convinced I’m going to love this week.

    There’s a reason I detest making plans with other people; they tend to fall through. But, maybe, hopefully, this week will be nicer than I’m imagining. One of the highlights should be a Q&A thing with a nature-based-religion group, and I’m mostly going to go to listen to other’s POVs and for the pizza. Food makes me a bit happier. So, one known good thing and, maybe – though I don’t count on it – other good things this week, too.


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  1. ntdc
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 06:54:00

    cars are mostly there to make trouble, be glad you don´t have one 😛
    someone who just made an online transfer for a parking fine notice from Belgium -_-



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