Night Walk

    Tonight I wanted to see the harvest moon, so I left my dorm room under the pretense of going to buy a soda from the vending machine. When I went outside, it was light but dark still, moonlight mingling with artificial light. There was a light drizzle, so light that you could only feel it; though if the light hit it just right you could jsut barely see it. It was nice, warm but not too much, a lovely night. I wandered around the campus, the headed to where I light to see a lighter patch in the sky, walked past a tree, over some brick walkway that’s uneven as you wouldn’t believe. 

    I didn’t see it behind the tree or elsewhere. I didn’t find the harvest moon, but it was a lovely night to wander, to slow down anyway. A little night walk that made me smile simply for being outside in the night air, with drizzling rain falling down on me. It allowed me to breath, to relax, to feel better in general. I smiled. Thinking of the nice weather, wishing there were more skies and less artificial light. I might take a night walk again sometime.

    I read about an article, speaking about how people should slow down. And I agree with it. I think my night walk will be my ‘slowing down’, relaxing, not bouncing around from class to homework to socializing to working on translating a song/teaching myself German, whether on the internet or physically, but rather just…me time. I like that idea.

    Night walks are good for that.

    And I’ll just leave this here, since…I don’t know. It feels night-walky, slow down..if only to slow down and love the one you’re with, let them know and all.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ntdc
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 16:57:38

    makes all sense, song included.



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