Memoirs of a College First Year #2

Something today inspired me, in a sense, to write this. I’ve realized that one of the major differences between a community college and a four-year one, if you live on campus, is the accessibility to people. Now, that is both good and bad, depending on how you are. As of the moment, I notice people already finding their groups and sets of friends, while I’m being how I usually am and flitting from group to group until I find a ‘set’ or until I find people who I really, truly count as friends. That may take me a year or two, granted, but still. I’m an introvert, I’m fine with alone time. Sure, sometimes I want to be with people, go out, socialize, but that’s rare.

My roommate on the other hand, she’s an extrovert. Like seriously an extrovert. If she had to spend time by herself, I’m pretty sure she would die. That’s not a bad thing, and I’m not here to bash extroverts or anyone who likes socializing, but something that people need to keep in mind as the access to people grows; know your limits. Do not think you can stay out somewhere on campus, be it in the lobby, someone else’s room, out on some bench, until six in the morning and be able to wake up for an eight AM class. Somehow my roommate did jsut that, though, today, I think her late nights (usually ending around 3) are catching up to her. Naps pretty much every day, and then today she missed a ten AM class. Why? Because of the late nights that may be part study-part socializing.

One of the very important things about college is sleep. So, yes, when in dorms it may be tempting to stay up really late, but don’t. Just no. Yes, I have stayed up until…one or twelve at night playing card games once or twice, but that’s because I know I can still wake up in the morning. Even if I got to bed at two, if my class is at eleven and I really push myself to get up (like with the promise of actual breakfast, not just a little strustel cake or bag of cookies), I can get up and get going. It helps if I set ten alarms, but that’s besides the point.

Basically, if you live in a dorm, socialize, but don’t overdo it. You have to make time to actually do your work and then sleep. Weekends, do whatever the hell you want; but weekdays? That’s just not going to work. If you’re someone who thrives on socializing, that’s not to say you can’t stay up talking to other people, just…if it reaches a certain time and you know you have some really early class, excuse yourself and go to bed. Professors want you in their class since, usually, they have a sign in sheet. And it’s not like elementary to high school where you get ten days absences; at best you get three before they fail you. Unless you have a good excuse of course and, no, ‘I overslept’ does not count unless your professor is the best ever.

Instead of realizing sleep is needed halfway into the year, realize it before you even go and plan accordingly. It’ll help you so much more and make life so much easier; your roommate might not always be there to wake you up.


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