F-A-L-L F-E-S-T it’s Fall Fest y’all!

That right there is stuck in my head now. Thank you very much roommate and hall mates that decided I couldn’t roll over and go back to bed.

Alright, I’m not as grumbly as I was this morning, since I have since had food and sleep and coffee (coffee very important), so I can appreciate it a bit better. Fall Fest is one the things that Salem has and it’s basically homecoming for when you lack a football team. Instead there’s a competition of sorts between graduating classes and there are no classes or workstudies or anything that day. Unless you have fall play rehearsal, like myself and some others. But, still, pretty much all there is are the activities planned, and that’s early in the morning until eleven or so and then again around seven until late at night, including a Big/Little poster/cooler/other gift exchange. I stayed up until three to finish/start mine, and woke up at six.

Fall Fest is…interesting, and I hate mornings, but I didn’t get into a sour mood because people were yelling near me. (No, I did not do any chanting/singing/etc. I clapped, at least) I think that can be attributed to the fact that most of the people were so hyper and happy and such that I didn’t really get affected by the hour, but by their happy mood. Granted I’m pretty much positive the whole senior class was drunk, if only because of how they got up before six for something that involves a lot of noise. That’s all I’m saying because why spoil the surprise if someone who wants to attend Salem reads this, hm?

I have decided, though, that even though I’m not going to be here my senior year, having graduated my junior/senior year and gone off to work on my Master’s so I can get a damned job, I will come back for Fall Fest. Why? Because I feel like doing the thing with a bunch of noise since I’ll have to deal with it for two more years. Yes, pay it forward just in a so very different way.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. It’s just meant as a way to wake up people up and get them excited for Fall Fest, and it did for some people. I know a few who rolled over and went back to sleep, like I planned, but the rest? The rest were excited and pumped; much like they would have been for homecoming if we had a football team. I like this better than homecoming most certainly.

If it wasn’t for rehearsal today would be a lazy day, but, for now, I’m going to finish my sticky bun and coffee, sleep a bit longer probably, and then go to a long rehearsal since the play opens tomorrow night. Tomorrow. Cannot believe it. I’ll end with this; I had my doubts about Fall Fest and thought I’d be a bit grouchy the whole day, but turns out not. It’s nice, actually, in it’s weird way. Just like Salem.


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