Happy Early Halloween!

Even though the picture that will follow has me think I gained a pound or two and I’m not entirely sure how to feel on that, I figure why not put this up and help with anyone who might be looking for a very last minute/cheap costume. Most of it can come from what you already may have in your wardrobe, even.


    Candyland. I’ll say that is what I am from now, because only one person got it last night. And the fact one person got it made me so very happy. Not Candy Crush, or Vanellope von Schweetz, but Candy Land. And with that aside, it is still something simple and not too expensive. All you need is:

-A bright tank top

-Bright wig

-Pink, blue, and green eye shadow

-Bright pink lipstick

-Pink blush

-Fishnet leggings (or regular could probably work, too)

-A skirt

-Black shoes (bright could work, too, I think; flats could, too, though I used boots)

-A bunch of candy

-Glue (Elmer’s works just fine)


-A belt

-Bobby pins

-Optional: Ring pop, candy bracelet

-Optional: Ribbon

-Optional: Bright false lashes

    Depending on if you want to keep your skirt for later use, you can glue or sew the candy on there. Personally, I chose candy that was wrapped (Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls, DumDums) and just sew it on; that way I could use the skirt later and eat the candy, too. I don’t suggest trying to sew candy corn on like I did, unless you have a strong, thick needle. WARNING: If you use lollipops like DumDums, sew the wrapper part AND around the stick, else it’ll move all over and fall off the skirt when you’re walking. Seriously. Secure it.

    For the belt, you can really use any candy you want, I used Starbursts since they seemed the most likely to stay on and came in a variety of colors. Simply glue them on anywhere but the holes of the belt (preferably the back) then put it on and turn it so that the Starbursts face the front and the buckle faces the back. You can change it and make a candy belt buckle, too, if you want, this is just how I did it.

    The lollipop necklace is probably my favorite part. I used a Blow Pop since it was what I had and was bigger than DumDums, so it looked better. Simply sew the top part of the wrapper to a piece of ribbon, tie it onto your neck and wa-la! Candy necklace that looks at least a little bit more grown up.

    With the hair, after securing it all over with bobby pins, I had glued on Starbursts and Hershey Kisses to bobby pins, let them dry, then stuck them into the wig for little candy hair accessories.

    Now, on to the makeup. You can go and get a cheap 99 cent lipstick from somewhere, so long as it’s a bright color. I opted for pink since most of my outfit was blue already. It’s brighter in person than in a picture. When it comes to the eye shadow, I used blue on my lids, pink above that, and green in the inner and outer corners of my eyes, lining the bottom of my eye with it to connect the corners, too. You can do however you wish, just better go with the usual makeup rule; darker color on the lids, lighter color in the crease and above. The blush was just used more than one usually puts on to make my cheeks nice and pink. I also used little stick on gems (“diamonds”) on the outer corners of my eyes, and pink lashes since they came in a kit with my makeup. You don’t have to use those, but I think they are a nice add-on.

    You can also paint your nails for addition, too. I only didn’t because I forgot to. But there you go, a quick, possibly last minute Halloween costume. In theory, if you change the skirt to longer and get rid of the fishnets and make up, it could work nicely for a little girl, too. Though I can’t promise she won’t eat the candy while trick or treating.

    Happy Halloween everyone!


Writing Prompt from Writer’s Write

Thanks to Facebook, only this time something that makes me happy. I found a page called ‘Writer’s Write’ and I’m going to make use of the daily prompt. At least today. So, today it happens to be: Use these words in a paragraph: melted ice cream, November, skeletons, whisky.

So, here goes my shot. Let’s hope for the best shall we?

Laying in the summer time grass, all I can think of is November. My longing for the cool air of the month fills my mind, almost to the point where I can feel the chill on my skin. But then I realize that I do feel cool something on my skin and my eyes fly open, seeing a pink smudge on my short-clad legs. Melted strawberry ice cream, and my sister standing over me, licking what she could from the dripping cone. “Really?,” I sigh, sitting up and taking the offered napkin to wipe it off my leg with a frown. Instead of berating her farther, my eyes lifted to see a group of people in black, hooded robes coming our way, swaying as if they had drunken too much of something. Perhaps whiskey? Whiskey was often the drink of choice around here. My sister clearly saw them too, but we were both too entranced by their odd dress for the weather to really register that perhaps we should move away. And then they were standing in front of us. Slowly, slowly they removed their hoods, the sun shining down and reflecting off what seemed to be bald heads. Only upon complete reveal were my sister and I able to know what was standing in front of us; living, moving skeletons.

If anyone who reads this wants to take the prompt and make their own with it, feel free. Probably will post some more of these myself if any pique my interest. Hope you enjoyed it this time.

Oh Dear God…

I was looking Facebook and I so very much hope some quotes I came across that are about ‘Republicans on Rape’ (which is a bit overboard and generalizing, but still) are false. Especially this one:

“If a woman has the right to an abortion, why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t [in most cases] result in anyone’s death.”

Please tell me no one actually thinks like that. The other quotes aren’t much better, some saying rape victims should make the best of a bad situation and that rape is inevitable, but this one… I really hope no one thinks like that. Though some probably do.

Excuse me while I go sob in a corner.

Weight Shaming

This is going to be an unpopular opinion, I know this, and I am glad that there’s probably only a few who have aimlessly wandered here for that reason. But, well, here goes since it’s this or think of things that make me sad; we have, at least in North America, yet to have a song that fosters positive body image.

I hardly hear the cries of, “What about All About That Bass?” No. Why? Because it still outs down one group of people and it also says that you should be proud of your weight solely because that’s what guys like. And that’s generalizing to all men, too, though I will say I have noticed a trend where men seem to gravitate to woman with more on them. Don’t get me wrong either, it’s great to be saying that bigger girls are attractive to guys, but there’s not much of a ‘be proud of you are just because’ message there. And, again, it kind of says that no one wants people who are naturally thin, which is like a punch to the heart if you’re someone like me who likes guys, is thin, and has been made fun of for her weight before.

Yes, skinny shaming exists just as much as fat shaming. *Gasp*

I’ve read the comments on some articles that pick apart Megan’s song, some saying that the ‘just kidding’ after ‘skinny bitches’ somehow negates that (It doesn’t. It’s backhanded, least to me.), others saying that there are plenty of songs about thin women, so just give this to the bigger girls. No, see, the songs about thinner women (though I’ve never exactly heard any song that says anything explicitly about thinner women, point some out if I’m wrong) are probably simply objectifying, not about loving your body.

I’m not trying to be a hypocrite and say you shouldn’t care what guys think (assuming you’re heterosexual), since I know I care more than I probably should, but you should love your body because it is your’s, no one else’s. My weight is a sore point for me since I was young, where people made the most fun of me and where it hurt me the most in those tender, formative years, so hearing songs that say no one wants a thin girl (do not get me started on “Anaconda”, since that is just offensive to every group – yes, guys, too – mentioned in that song.) hurts me and reminds me of when those boys would be jerks and say rude things on my looks, especially my weight. And, again, if you’re like me, you probably have had a doctor ask if you are anorexic and test for thyroid problems, like there is something naturally wrong with you because of your smaller size. Songs that look down on any weight can bring up bad thoughts, even if only in the back of the person’s mind, from time to time simply because of past experiences.

So, what everyone needs is a song that is about a true positive body image; no shaming of any weight, no insinuating that you should judge your value based on what whatever gender your attracted to thinks (though it is nice when said gender thinks you look good, just don’t have that be your sole decider), but just straight forward body positivity. If you took certain things from Megan’s song, it would be perfect. But as it stands, it lacks something. Yes, it’s good if it makes someone feel better about themselves, but it could still go a bit of a way to make it be helpful to a larger group.

Gendered Marketing

I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s a mix of funny, true, and sad. Sad because it’s true, that is. It’s also something I noticed and why I am currently in possession of ‘guy’ razors; I got more for less, I don’t need frilly colors, thank you.

It’s also nice they mention the other genders that are recognized now.

Name Meanings

I tend towards the belief of name meanings to mean something in some aspect, even if that is to be the opposite. I say this because tonight, for the second time, I had my tarot read and, as the last one had been a valentine’s day love reading, I decided to think on vole for my ten card reading. And again it basically said that if things do not change, that they will go badly. (Thank you, tarot cards, for lifting my already wonderful mood.) While my love life is bordering on nonexistant, things including a fear of trickery, a past with illusions, the present having an incomplete joy and all, having a loud environment, and other such things I can only remember more by ‘not good’, I still would’ve liked some optimism. But, unless things change, I will likely be an old cat lady who never got married, or maybe divorced… Actually, as I think on it, the latter sounds like it may be more inline with what the cards say, and while divorce isn’t great, somehow it sounds better than the old cat lady option.

There was something with confessions, too, I think in there, so maybe I’ll learn exactly what this is all applying to exactly soon. Else, well, guess I’ll see. Though I am working to actively change the potential bad outcome in however I think may work, though I believe to need more information before I can manage much.

But, see, what this all has to do with name meanings is essentially that mine means sorrowful and downflowing; brokehearted, and based off the Gaelic story of Deirdre who died of a broken heart (or suicide depending on which version you read). So, essentially, it means that my love life and outlook on the world was cursed from the beginning. I”m not saying my name has shaped all that much, but it is interesting how it falls in line with certain things. Other than how beautiful the fateful heroine was, because that doesn’t apply at all. But else? Well, it fits.

I’ve also known others who have names that seem to match them, even if only in an opposite way, which is interesting. Most people choose names for how they sound rather than what they mean, though some go more for meaning. Oddly enough, those who go more for sound and looks, it seems to match the person more than whoever picked the name for the meaning. I have friends who have told me their parents heard a name, liked it, went with it, and it matches them wonderfully. Others went with a meaning for ‘joyful’ or ‘pure’ or something else, and most often that doesn’t match. Perhaps going for sound is more listening to whatever energies there may be telling you what is the right name? I’m not sure. I just know names tend to match for the person, more often if chosen for the sound.

I like my name. I wish it didn’t mean what it did, or that it had a happier story with it, but I like it. I just have to hope that things will go a bit better for me than the woman in that story.

And next time I get my tarot read, I’m thinking of my career.

The Skin I’m In

Sitting here, moping a bit over the fact there’s little chance I can eat my chicken-flavored rice and turnip and that I’ve no place to store it, I find my gaze falling on my mango lavender lip balm. Recently I’ve decided to start really taking care of my skin, more than ‘just’ showering that is. Part of this is because I read an article that reminded me of some things I knew, like that you should have at least a little sun screen on you, your face especially, everyday. I lack a lotion with a sunblock in it, so I’ll have to work on that, but I have started to sue the lotion I have on my face in the morning. It’s especially important because of the dropping temperatures now, of course. I also use my lip balm every morning, too.

Granted, I seem to have this thing in my genes that makes me look younger than I am (thanks Mom and Dad) but I’m not taking care of my skin to look youthful when I’m fifty or sixty, but rather so that I can be healthier. The skin is the largest organ on a human’s body, so it is something rather important because of the protection it does provide. Looking younger when older is jsut an extra bonus; though, I will say, even if your face already has wrinkles on it and you’re well into your fifties, you can still start taking care of your skin. Yes, genetics play a part. Yes, smoking plays a part. Yes, drinking plays a part. Yes, sun exposure and lack of sun play a part. But how you care for your skin plays a part, too.

Man, woman, and anything in between, using lotion, sunblock, exfoliates, chap stick, and other things are very important to your skin’s health. At teh very least, you could invest in a lavender-infused pillow, which helps your skin and helps you sleep. Of course you might not have any problems with your skin, like I’m not too happy about how noticeable my pores are on my nose, but if you want to keep it that way, you need to have some care taken for it.

I’m not saying do anything extreme, but easing into it, like lotion or sunblock every morning, is probably a good idea. I’m just suggesting it, no matter your age or contentment with the look of your skin.


I was feeling a bit sad and lonely. And now I’m feeling a bit better thanks to writing. I still don’t feel that happy, but that’s a given with how things are right now. It just hit me earlier that it’s fall break, and now I’m not feeling so great…but writing helped. I think if you’re a creative personality things like writing and drawing can help you; else it’s probably a more logical thing that helps. I’m not really sure. Most people I know seem creative types of some sort.

Everyone has something else that helps them feel better, other than spending time with people, that is. Everyone has something to help them when they’re having to be on their own. It’s interesting, sometimes, to know what helps people because it gives thought to how their mind works. Humans are physical creatures, so things like touch are bound to help us; I know that, if I had some significant other to do so, holding me would help me. Even little touches, like placing your hand on someone’s arm, can help. We’re wired to work that way. Yes, some people cannot stand touch, but, for the most part, touch is comfort to people. But when it’s not available, we resort to other things. And what we resort to is interesting.

Of course we are also social, so if we don’t have someone to talk to it also adds to if we resort to whatever our ‘alone’ comfort is.

I have writing and movies (funny preferably) and, well, eating, but mostly writing. Others? It depends.

Let Me Tell You About Salem

So, I recently realized I’ve been here a little over a month. A month. That’s a long time, a lot of my time gone already and I hardly noticed it. I also saw that the school’s site has registration for fall visit up already, which reminded me of my first time on campus. That was nearly a year ago. A year ago I was first visiting Salem, a year ago I was getting my application ready for early decision. A year ago I fell in love with the campus.

I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat things by saying Salem is perfect; it isn’t. I could make a whole list of things wrong, starting with the food (especially the weekend food) at the Rat (aka refectory), and ending with how difficult the squirrels can be. (they will steal your food and stare you down, seriously. They aren’t afraid of people at all.) But I won’t because that would defeat the purpose. Yes, a lot of people are probably going to transfer after this year because they found it wasn’t the right fit, but most will stay. There are people in my class, and others, who love Salem, even if it frustrates them beyond belief. Financial aid office, food, squirrels, ghosts, all the stairs and hills, the age of the buildings, etc. But they still love it and feel like hey belong here, as do I.

The teachers, for the most part, are good at what they do and actually care. The students, for the most part, are welcoming. Sure, you have your cliques and general bitchiness, but what do you expect? Especially from an all women’s college; that kind of comes with the territory. I don’t know how to explain why I love this school, I just know I do. It makes me feel happy to know I’m here. It makes me want to get involved with clubs and to, maybe, join up as an orientation leader to help the first years next year. It’s just this feeling that flows through me that has me think ‘this is where I belong’ I’m going to graduate a year early, yes, but I’m going to probably stay involved in some obscure way. For example, if I get a Little only my junior/senior year, I’ll come back for Big/Little events so that she doesn’t have to find a new one. Even if I get a Little next year, I’ll still probably come back from time to time. (Especially for Fall Fest.)

I want to say to anyone filling out applications, either as a senior in high school or as a transfer, and if Salem is at the top of your list, and if you get in, make sure to visit at least once. If you visit once, you might have the same feeling of belonging that I did, and that will help you put up with the bad and focus more on the good. And there is so much good.

The acceptance of so many different religious views, Moravian school or not.

The feeling of family.

The diverse clubs, from Eco Club to FMLA (Feminist Majority Leadership Association) to Pierettes (drama) to Conta Club (a type of Spanish dance) to so much more.

The fact it’s right in old Winston-Salem, just a short walk form downtown, that allows for a variety of events; the art festival in downtown and the farmer’s market on Saturdays right across the street from the school.

And the list goes on. Wherever I go after, whatever does happen, I’m going to be so glad to call myself a Salem Spirit. This will be the first time I’ll feel glad to call myself anything from any school. In high school, middle, and elementary, I didn’t think of school as much else than a place to learn. I loved my kindergarten school, so I’m glad for that, but that’s where it ends. Sure, I was in chorus for a while up until high school, but that was the extent of my extra curriculars. Here though? I’m in Pierettes, Eco, FMLA, the Circle, and, if I ever hear of an event soon, Incunabula (the writing magazine, which I’m only half sure I spelled right). I’m involved for once in my life. For once I give a damn. And that’s saying a lot considering my general apathy towards certain things.

Salem isn’t perfect, but I’m glad they wanted me as much as I wanted them. If you come to visit and feel that smack of belonging, go with it. Apply. And maybe you’ll be here next year, too.