Let Me Tell You About Salem

So, I recently realized I’ve been here a little over a month. A month. That’s a long time, a lot of my time gone already and I hardly noticed it. I also saw that the school’s site has registration for fall visit up already, which reminded me of my first time on campus. That was nearly a year ago. A year ago I was first visiting Salem, a year ago I was getting my application ready for early decision. A year ago I fell in love with the campus.

I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat things by saying Salem is perfect; it isn’t. I could make a whole list of things wrong, starting with the food (especially the weekend food) at the Rat (aka refectory), and ending with how difficult the squirrels can be. (they will steal your food and stare you down, seriously. They aren’t afraid of people at all.) But I won’t because that would defeat the purpose. Yes, a lot of people are probably going to transfer after this year because they found it wasn’t the right fit, but most will stay. There are people in my class, and others, who love Salem, even if it frustrates them beyond belief. Financial aid office, food, squirrels, ghosts, all the stairs and hills, the age of the buildings, etc. But they still love it and feel like hey belong here, as do I.

The teachers, for the most part, are good at what they do and actually care. The students, for the most part, are welcoming. Sure, you have your cliques and general bitchiness, but what do you expect? Especially from an all women’s college; that kind of comes with the territory. I don’t know how to explain why I love this school, I just know I do. It makes me feel happy to know I’m here. It makes me want to get involved with clubs and to, maybe, join up as an orientation leader to help the first years next year. It’s just this feeling that flows through me that has me think ‘this is where I belong’ I’m going to graduate a year early, yes, but I’m going to probably stay involved in some obscure way. For example, if I get a Little only my junior/senior year, I’ll come back for Big/Little events so that she doesn’t have to find a new one. Even if I get a Little next year, I’ll still probably come back from time to time. (Especially for Fall Fest.)

I want to say to anyone filling out applications, either as a senior in high school or as a transfer, and if Salem is at the top of your list, and if you get in, make sure to visit at least once. If you visit once, you might have the same feeling of belonging that I did, and that will help you put up with the bad and focus more on the good. And there is so much good.

The acceptance of so many different religious views, Moravian school or not.

The feeling of family.

The diverse clubs, from Eco Club to FMLA (Feminist Majority Leadership Association) to Pierettes (drama) to Conta Club (a type of Spanish dance) to so much more.

The fact it’s right in old Winston-Salem, just a short walk form downtown, that allows for a variety of events; the art festival in downtown and the farmer’s market on Saturdays right across the street from the school.

And the list goes on. Wherever I go after, whatever does happen, I’m going to be so glad to call myself a Salem Spirit. This will be the first time I’ll feel glad to call myself anything from any school. In high school, middle, and elementary, I didn’t think of school as much else than a place to learn. I loved my kindergarten school, so I’m glad for that, but that’s where it ends. Sure, I was in chorus for a while up until high school, but that was the extent of my extra curriculars. Here though? I’m in Pierettes, Eco, FMLA, the Circle, and, if I ever hear of an event soon, Incunabula (the writing magazine, which I’m only half sure I spelled right). I’m involved for once in my life. For once I give a damn. And that’s saying a lot considering my general apathy towards certain things.

Salem isn’t perfect, but I’m glad they wanted me as much as I wanted them. If you come to visit and feel that smack of belonging, go with it. Apply. And maybe you’ll be here next year, too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ntdc
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 18:50:24

    squirrels who steal your food? <.< awesome…

    nice thought to go back for your little then, if you´ll have one 🙂



    • Deidre
      Oct 02, 2014 @ 19:04:43

      They haven’t stole my food yet (thankfully 😛 ), but I have had them stare me down like ‘are you going to walk around me?’ and…yea, they’re not afraid of people 😛
      And, thanks, glad you think so 🙂



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