I was feeling a bit sad and lonely. And now I’m feeling a bit better thanks to writing. I still don’t feel that happy, but that’s a given with how things are right now. It just hit me earlier that it’s fall break, and now I’m not feeling so great…but writing helped. I think if you’re a creative personality things like writing and drawing can help you; else it’s probably a more logical thing that helps. I’m not really sure. Most people I know seem creative types of some sort.

Everyone has something else that helps them feel better, other than spending time with people, that is. Everyone has something to help them when they’re having to be on their own. It’s interesting, sometimes, to know what helps people because it gives thought to how their mind works. Humans are physical creatures, so things like touch are bound to help us; I know that, if I had some significant other to do so, holding me would help me. Even little touches, like placing your hand on someone’s arm, can help. We’re wired to work that way. Yes, some people cannot stand touch, but, for the most part, touch is comfort to people. But when it’s not available, we resort to other things. And what we resort to is interesting.

Of course we are also social, so if we don’t have someone to talk to it also adds to if we resort to whatever our ‘alone’ comfort is.

I have writing and movies (funny preferably) and, well, eating, but mostly writing. Others? It depends.


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