Name Meanings

I tend towards the belief of name meanings to mean something in some aspect, even if that is to be the opposite. I say this because tonight, for the second time, I had my tarot read and, as the last one had been a valentine’s day love reading, I decided to think on vole for my ten card reading. And again it basically said that if things do not change, that they will go badly. (Thank you, tarot cards, for lifting my already wonderful mood.) While my love life is bordering on nonexistant, things including a fear of trickery, a past with illusions, the present having an incomplete joy and all, having a loud environment, and other such things I can only remember more by ‘not good’, I still would’ve liked some optimism. But, unless things change, I will likely be an old cat lady who never got married, or maybe divorced… Actually, as I think on it, the latter sounds like it may be more inline with what the cards say, and while divorce isn’t great, somehow it sounds better than the old cat lady option.

There was something with confessions, too, I think in there, so maybe I’ll learn exactly what this is all applying to exactly soon. Else, well, guess I’ll see. Though I am working to actively change the potential bad outcome in however I think may work, though I believe to need more information before I can manage much.

But, see, what this all has to do with name meanings is essentially that mine means sorrowful and downflowing; brokehearted, and based off the Gaelic story of Deirdre who died of a broken heart (or suicide depending on which version you read). So, essentially, it means that my love life and outlook on the world was cursed from the beginning. I”m not saying my name has shaped all that much, but it is interesting how it falls in line with certain things. Other than how beautiful the fateful heroine was, because that doesn’t apply at all. But else? Well, it fits.

I’ve also known others who have names that seem to match them, even if only in an opposite way, which is interesting. Most people choose names for how they sound rather than what they mean, though some go more for meaning. Oddly enough, those who go more for sound and looks, it seems to match the person more than whoever picked the name for the meaning. I have friends who have told me their parents heard a name, liked it, went with it, and it matches them wonderfully. Others went with a meaning for ‘joyful’ or ‘pure’ or something else, and most often that doesn’t match. Perhaps going for sound is more listening to whatever energies there may be telling you what is the right name? I’m not sure. I just know names tend to match for the person, more often if chosen for the sound.

I like my name. I wish it didn’t mean what it did, or that it had a happier story with it, but I like it. I just have to hope that things will go a bit better for me than the woman in that story.

And next time I get my tarot read, I’m thinking of my career.


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  1. ntdc
    Oct 09, 2014 @ 08:33:42

    as you might not think it given how T. is with fate and names and stuff: I don´t believe in tarot or the meaning of names at all 😉 if there -seems to be- any truth in it it´s self-fulfilling-prophecy stuff going on there from my pov, or maybe parents’ other-fulfilling-prophecy in the case of names. if someone chooses their own name later on for some reason or other, like becoming a buddhist and taking up a buddhist name or say spending part of their live in a virtual world and choosing the name to do it under themselves…that´s a different thing then, though still I don´t see the name per se rubbing off on them but what they themselves attribute to that name. of course that said I do look at sound and meanings of names, as it´s interesting and fun to play with. and can help, I think. if someone really is unhappy with their name, I wouldn´t blink an eye if they tell me ‘please call me ‘ and do it. I know a guy who went through the trouble of officially changing his given name (he was named after his dad, who he had a -real- problem with) which of course is weird if you suddenly have to call someone who was x as long as you knew him Y suddenly, but, you know, it´s just a name, not who someone is 🙂



    • Deidre
      Oct 09, 2014 @ 15:37:54

      Really? Huh, yea, would’ve thought you would lol And yea, I mean that makes sense, and i can see your point on it all, just…eh…I still lean more to their being some meaning, maybe if only ‘just’ a base/outline/etc. there somewhere for some reason I’m yet unsure of 😛 But what you say does make sense, of course, like I said. And, yea that, too, no good to keep a name that gives you bad thoughts or anything, then it only makes sense to change your name, even if, yea, weird to have to learn how to call someone.



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