Gendered Marketing

I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s a mix of funny, true, and sad. Sad because it’s true, that is. It’s also something I noticed and why I am currently in possession of ‘guy’ razors; I got more for less, I don’t need frilly colors, thank you.

It’s also nice they mention the other genders that are recognized now.


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  1. ntdc
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 07:24:14

    lol nice video. at least I´m quite positive I´d have tried to get my kid to wanting all the star wars action figures and lego spaceships -I- wanted if it had been a daughter, too, I´d only have bought barbies under protest either way 😛 my sister btw spent most of her time as far as toys are concerned playing with matchbox cars and stuff like that when she was small, but maybe that´s owed to two brothers.
    But some things to think on there. I always have to keep from laughing when I see one of the ‘real’ cars that are plainly made for women. Seems already a crazy idea to me since you exclude already half of future buyers for your car if you´re going to sell it 2nd hand some time lol but maybe I´m overthinking there and the joy to have a salmon coloured car with swirls on the sides and a name like…whatever they are probably named like 😛 outweighs it. total point with the razors, I know quite a few women who complain also that as a woman you have to pay triple the price for a haircut than a guy even if they only want the same things done and none of the frills and same amount of time for the hairdresser. add that to the still widely lesser pay for women and I can understand some rage. on the other hand of course if you compare say the part of clothing stores or drugstores reserved for guys and women, you could really get the idea that women (in general) -want- more and more kinds of stuff than men, can´t all be conditioning only 😛 I´d never get the idea to buy new jeans as long as the holes aren´t -that- bad lol for example, and I know how many jeans, all completely without holes 😛 some women have…
    generally of course the majority of people in ‘1st world countries’ (of course including myself, no idea how so many external drives and usb sticks and stuff sneaked in on me -_-) overcomsumes and I wonder if that is not the way the horse should be bridled from, before looking at the gender marketing stuff even, the world needs less stuff and dependance on oil and all that badly :/ but of course it´s good either way that people question and counter things like gendered marketing who still are able to and not go with the current, and that they mention what they don´t want to go into also 😛 final word on pink: there are people who look good in it and people who don´t look good in it, whatever gender. and those who don´t, shouldn´t wear it. there are people who love pink stuff and people whose eyes it hurts, the former should get the stuff they want in pink, the latter should…pray their children will be boys and no girls 😛 (ok, I should work. and maybe vow to not look at any non-tax-stuff-research-dedicated website until next month -_-)



    • Deidre
      Oct 10, 2014 @ 19:14:41

      *grins* that’s understandable, my dad did the same to me and my brother with superheros, we had no choice but to know them all 😛 And, yea, I think if a girl has boy siblings, it’s more likely she’ll play with ‘boy’ toys; like I know my brother and I would always combine our toys, so it would be a mix of Barbies and GI Joes and race cars and dinosaurs and playing house, etc….and then there was a time he and I were -both- into Littlest Pet Shop, so 😛
      And yes, those cars are, ehm, a bit sad lol
      As for hair cuts, yes, you’re right with that, unless you go to a unisex place that has prices prelisted and all, but go to a ‘woman’ or man’ salon and, well, then there’s more of a difference. With the clothes…the only thing I can think of (since I don’t’ tend to get new clothes myself unless absolutely needed) is the different sizes form petite to maternity to plus sized and all that that men don’t have *shrugs*
      It would be nice, yes, if less stuff was consumed and oil wasn’t needed as badly and all that…but that’s something that will be near impossible to change by this point in time, sadly.
      On pink, yes, what you said exactly lol Though if I have a daughter someday, she’s getting blue stuff, I don’t care (at elast until she can make her owncolor choices), and I will make sure othersknow it, too 😛



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