Writing Prompt from Writer’s Write

Thanks to Facebook, only this time something that makes me happy. I found a page called ‘Writer’s Write’ and I’m going to make use of the daily prompt. At least today. So, today it happens to be: Use these words in a paragraph: melted ice cream, November, skeletons, whisky.

So, here goes my shot. Let’s hope for the best shall we?

Laying in the summer time grass, all I can think of is November. My longing for the cool air of the month fills my mind, almost to the point where I can feel the chill on my skin. But then I realize that I do feel cool something on my skin and my eyes fly open, seeing a pink smudge on my short-clad legs. Melted strawberry ice cream, and my sister standing over me, licking what she could from the dripping cone. “Really?,” I sigh, sitting up and taking the offered napkin to wipe it off my leg with a frown. Instead of berating her farther, my eyes lifted to see a group of people in black, hooded robes coming our way, swaying as if they had drunken too much of something. Perhaps whiskey? Whiskey was often the drink of choice around here. My sister clearly saw them too, but we were both too entranced by their odd dress for the weather to really register that perhaps we should move away. And then they were standing in front of us. Slowly, slowly they removed their hoods, the sun shining down and reflecting off what seemed to be bald heads. Only upon complete reveal were my sister and I able to know what was standing in front of us; living, moving skeletons.

If anyone who reads this wants to take the prompt and make their own with it, feel free. Probably will post some more of these myself if any pique my interest. Hope you enjoyed it this time.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ntdc
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 07:10:01

    hm, no time for a paragraph, much less a comment to the other blog, maybe in the evening, but this is funny, so I´ll stuff all the words into 1 sentence and try have it sound as if it´s actually part of a story and not a joke.

    While still the pressure door whizzes shut behind me I already take the bottle from it´s acrylic table next to three cutouts of pink flamingo skeletons, stare at them, the only and somewhat hypnotizing light source in the room, swallow a draught of the whiskey, when the neon light the colour of artificial strawberry seems to drip down their feathers like melted ice cream, then turn to look out the window, thinking of November and how it was on earth, more than threethousand meters below .



    • Deidre
      Oct 21, 2014 @ 19:55:31

      Will look for your other comment later then 🙂
      And I like it, it doesn’t sound like a joke at all. Wish you had time to write more granted, but still, I like it 🙂



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