So, I’m older today. The funny part is, I think this is the first time I ever actually feel older. Any other birthday, even the ‘milestones’, I’ve never felt anything other than ‘oh, it’s my birthday’. I didn’t do anything today besides spend some quality time with myself, helped along by class being canceled, which is something I rather enjoy compared to being around people.

It’s definitely not my being alone that had me feel older for once in my good amount of years. I think the reason behind this is there having been quite a bit of change from how my life had been previously. Before, every year ticked off was rather identical to the last one with very few changes to my daily life. I’m not really speaking about having moved, even though that is a big change, but I think it deals more with my inner changes.

As I had mentioned, I am, in general, more happy. I also have managed to cultivate new friends, who have probably influenced me a bit in ways I cannot pinpoint. But it’s mostly the happy part that I think is important here. I say that because that is a major change, and growing older is supposed to be a collection of changes. Since I never had big changes in my life, my age didn’t seem to matter, but now it is different.

I think I like this feeling, though, the feeling of there being some sort of change is nice. I rather hope this keeps up for the coming years, even if I’m not optimistic on it, I still hope.


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