Writer’s Write Prompt: Love Letter

Again here’s a thing for the Writer’s Write prompt thingy, but I’m sort of connecting it to the story I’m working on. Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to have it in the book or not, so that’s why it’s here and not tucking someplace in my files.

Write a farewell note to the love of your life without using the word love.

Time means so little here, which makes it hard for me to say if we’ve spent weeks, months, or years together. Either way, you have come to mean something to me. But, I also know I don’t mean quite as much to you; fae cannot feel like humans. You also care more for Taika than the real me, so I suppose this works out in the end. I’m leaving, and, if all goes how I hope, I’m leaving her, too. You can at least keep someone who knows more what it’s like when it comes to fae tendencies, who won’t foolishly hope for something that cannot be had.

I want to say more, but I don’t know how to express it and if you wake up before I go, I might not leave. Enjoy your immortal life, hopefully you find whatever you’re looking for. I know I did.


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