Body Image

Today my friends, who are constantly trying to do things with confidence as they have enough to go around, tried to tell me I have pretty much an hour class figure. Turns out they are a little bit right, as I noticed by looking at myself and thinking while changing into my pajamas. The only reason I do have one is because I have a naturally cinched waist, I think, and wider hips, the only thing that cause any curvy look. Though as I looked, I decided I also have better sized breasts that I thought, and then I realized my face isn’t but so bad. I’ve always liked my eyes, lashes, and added my brows onto that when I realized strong brows are not a bad thing. My hair even looks nice, even though it’s already growing back after only about a month of having been cut.

I’ve long been of the opinion that I’m average. It was more of an ‘acceptance’ than anything else, and I’ve accepted words from others calling me ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ as, apparently like others, I have words I can at least halfways associate with myself. Some have hot or sexy or adorable; cute and pretty are mine it seems. But I still thought I was average. I’m not saying I’m overly above it, but I think I can at least start personally applying the word pretty to myself. Not jsut others applying it to me, but actually looking at myself and feeling like it. Some times when I get ready in the morning, if my skin is just the right shade of pale and my lips actually have some pink to them instead of blending with my face, I think I look nice. Other days I just go on.

But I think my friends may have a point. I have a nicer shape than I assumed originally, even if it’s not always seen by how I dress. But it’s there, and it’s something people tend to strive for while I have it naturally. Sure, things might be more focused on women with curvier bodies recently, but I do have some curves, just more on the slender side. And, I think, for once in my life, I can fully accept my body and call it pretty instead of average.

I’m not saying this to seem narcissistic or anything, more that I want to say that, if you feel bad about yourself, chances are there’s not so much of a reason to. Just look at yourself, think it over. Really look at yourself. It…can be a bit liberating. Sometimes taking positive comments in, not just negative ones, can be really helpful. Just listen and look. I’m glad I did.


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  1. Surena
    Feb 08, 2015 @ 00:42:45

    You are absolutely right. we only have one body so why not choose to be happy with it. =)

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  2. ntdc
    Feb 09, 2015 @ 20:30:34

    I held a comment, because it´s going to end politically incorrect, but anyway, have to say it, though it´s great you ‘think’ you can finally accept calling yourself pretty, if another compliment helps to get the ‘think’ out of that sentence, it´s worth it.

    Of course what the commenter above says is right, and it´s right too that it matters more what´s inside than what someone looks like and so on.

    But then apart from all that: you´re crazy, or hopefully, were crazy. Of course you´re pretty and cute, and not average at all, just look at that halloween costume pic, you´re even so pretty and cute that you look good with blue hair, and your usual hair looks all nice too, and I´m sure your friends, bless them to have told you, are right too, and you with what you realized or decided or think. Make that all realized, and then don´t think so much (about if your face and body are pretty that is, else of course think, because you’re smart and imaginative and all sorts of good things in that department too and anything but average), your body is your physical component, don´t think about it, enjoy it. And to hell with what things seem to be focused on, if you don´t hide your perfectly pretty and not average body under clothes (well, ok, hide it a bit unless you frequent nudist beaches :P) and don´t hide your pretty face and hair in some corner too often, you´ll get many more compliments and looks that tell you you´re more than average, and not just from friends.



    • Deidre
      Feb 10, 2015 @ 06:15:48

      I don’t see the political incorrectness, but, well, I tend to live in what is ‘politically in correct’ if I’m honest, so that could be why. Unless of course the you calling me crazy is what you mean, but that’s what people do to people they care about, so you’re good 🙂
      Else, thank you, the comment made me smile a bit. I get your point, even if it’s still hard for me to, well, do more than just ‘think’ I’m something instead of only keeping it realized as you say. Takes some work, but, I know, you’re right, and it’s sweet you care enough to write this out here, too, even if you did mention I was crazy for thinking otherwise 😛 But I can overlook it since i know it was said because you care and believe what you say, which, like I said, made me smile a bit.



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