One of the classes I am currently taking is about the history of sexuality in America. A class as such does include speaking on using sex, and therefore rape, as something to establish power alongside how certain aspects of sexuality other than the physical act go with that. Today we just happened to speak about racial power and sexuality mostly after the civil war but a bit before then as well.

A number of things were spoken about, but one thing that stuck out to me was a graph that showed certain spikes of lynchings. One was around the later 1800s with slaves being freed and gaining some more standing and what you are more often hearing about. The other spike, oddly enough, was during the 1920s, which was suggested to deal possibly with blacks leaving the south to go up north. Unfortunately the map and graph only focused on the south, but it still painted an interesting picture.

With the changes going on recently and more focus being put on police brutality and racial profiling, it’s hard not to recognize some similarities. I am not saying this has anything to do with anything in particular, but when people are putting nooses around statues of people or on hanging trees historically known for lynchings, it’s a bit distrubing. I’m not but so knowledgeable in this area, so I won’t pretend to know more than I do, but I do know that history has a tendency to repeat itself. And that graph that showed the spikes isn’t helping to show any different. If history repeats itself, then with certain social movements on the rise, it makes sense that, with more vocalization placed on racial inequality, that more violence will start to show itself.

With any movement or small poking at the status quo, there is a push back. Yes, some people go about protesting in the wrong way, but there also those who go about it in a peaceful way. History has its peaks of protests, its peaks of violence, and its peaks of rights being fought for for one group while neglected for another. History repeats itself in an endless cycle which I highly doubt will end unless humans evolve drastically or become extinct. Even then, history will repeat itself because that is the natural way of the Earth.

So what can be done with the cycles? Not much, but you can do something during those cycles. You can get involved in things if you so wish, or simply better yourself and those around you. Small steps can be more important than big ones sometimes.

While peaks are a part of history, things like peaks of violence are unnecessary and everything that can be done to stop them, should be done. But human nature is a tricky thing, so that probably won’t happen. But speaking up is always a good thing. Just remember that, when you speak up, to think of it in terms of intersectionality as well. Some groups are pushed to the wayside when certain issues arise, but don’t let those groups be pushed aside. Help them, help everyone help each other. Working together creates a bigger voice than working alone.


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