Mugs? Yes, Mugs.

So, considering how looking for a job has not been entirely in my favor as of yet, I have managed to figure something out. Making and selling mugs. My original plan was to try and sell via Facebook, which would mean cheaper and no shipping…but, unfortunately, that is not working either as people are only really liking the pictures I have posted. But I did come up with an idea that will, hopefully, work better. Etsy.

Right now I only have one listing although I have made a couple mugs, but I do also allow for someone to ask for a custom order which I would gladly do. If any one who happens to read this is interested, please feel free to look at the link below and maybe order something if you find yourself so inclined.

Oh, and if you get to it from here, please message me and ask about a code if you want it a bit cheaper.


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