I figured I should something instead of just leaving shameless advertising up. (Btw, updated listings….looks better in real…custom order…father’s day is coming up >.>) Okay, now I’m done 😛

With the summer being here, my mind is drifting to different fantasies and things I wish to experience in life. Some are more ‘common’ than others, but I still like to imagine what certain things would be like. I know I have at least half experienced some things, but I have yet to be able to fully dive into a number of things. Having a taste of something is nice, but I would more enjoy the full experience even if it is only for a short time. As much as I love the idea of long term and steady with anything, I would take a full experience that is true and real but only lasts for a short while over never experiencing it in the first place. Some might want to say that’s a silly, naive thought, but it’s not. It’s just a thought attributed to the fact that I want to live. Even if I end up crying and hurt, fuck it. That’s living. I’ll take all the pain so long as I get the good with it, too.

The fantasies in my head rarely change, they’re usually the same with small variations. And the answer to a question of what I would do if I had all the money and time and possibilities in the world hasn’t changed either. What I want won’t happen, but I can still dream. And my dreams are vivid and beautiful and painful and full of joy and tears and everything. I am a realist, and often a pessimist as well, at heart, so I know things cannot be happy all the time and my dreams address that. If anything, my dreams involving those possibilities makes them so real that sometimes it hurts to think of how they aren’t actually real. Yet. One day…maybe one day I can manage to make one or two of them happen. Really I just hope to have one come true. I’ll take one out of many, so long as I don’t have to throw all of those lovely drifting dreams fade. If any one of them can be solid… I’ll be happy.


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