The Angel

Stumbled upon a brief description of some angel types and this happened:

“You know, the more I see of you, the more I swear you are human,” he murmured, brushing a hand through her hair before letting it wrap around her again. The two were entwined on his bed, simply cuddling, clothes still on and all, but it would be evident to even an outside how closely connected these two were. He was topless with some pajama pants on, blonde hair crowning his head with deep blue eyes peering out from his face. She seemed like the exact opposite; dark brown skin with long brown hair with brown eyes. She was dressed in a long, flowing white gown.

“I only seem so because you’re used to me now,” she replied in amusement, though she didn’t state her worry. She had heard the stories, of angels falling or changing in some other way because of those they watched over. But it was normal to feel love for their humans, after all, there was a reason for an angel-human pairing. The two had to connect somehow, even if the human would never see their angel. She had watched him for a long time, slowly but surely feeling more for him and wanting to speak to him, to have him know she existed. She watched his heart get broken a number of times, her own heart breaking for him. She kept things from causing him harm often enough, just as her job demanded. His time was ¬†along time from now, and she knew it. So it didn’t hurt to come and see him as often as she did. And when he saw her… He seemed so happy. He seemed even happier once he got to know her. She didn’t tell him about what she was for a long time, but he seemed understanding and unsurprised when he found out.

“So this is really the last time I can really see you?,” he asked after some moments of silence, burying his face in the crook of her neck and her hair. She knew he was upset, it was hard for him to hide such things really. She sighed and nodded, not saying anything for some long moments.

“If I keep seeing you….I won’t be able to protect you. The Virtues, the Dominions…even one of the Seraphims told me as much. You know they liked loosing angels, even the lowest ranking…. And I don’t who they would assign to you next. A new assignment could mean that you-,” she cut off, biting her lip as sadness welled up inside of her. She didn’t want him to die. he was so vibrant, so alive, so wonderful that the earth and the other humans needed his presence. She loved him and she knew that, one day, some human woman would love him as much as she did and would make him happy. One day his heart wouldn’t break. “I’m so sorry, but…it has to be. I’ll still be here, and maybe after a few years I can visit again.”

“I know. I’ll wait,” he murmured in a promise. She wanted to say he shouldn’t, that he wouldn’t want to after so long, but she didn’t. She knew he would argue, so she only smiled softly and let him fall asleep, his breath soft on her neck. Once she was sure he was truly asleep, when the sun was just casting its first rays into the night sky, she carefully moved away from him and over to the window. She took a note out and set it down on a table nearby with a white rose and feather lain across it.

The angel looked over to her human, tears welling up in her eyes. He looked so innocent, so free, when he was sleeping… Before she could change her mind, she turned and hurried to the window, throwing it open and jumping out. White, feathery wings immediately billowed out from her back, her form becoming even more ethereal. Her eyes turned a molten gold, her hair grew impossibly longer, and her skin smoothed out.

As she took the skies, climbing up higher and higher as dawn grew stronger, one thought pervaded her mind: this would be her last visit for a long while.