Introversion vs. Extroversion

My mind is on this topic for a simple reason, really; last night I went out to a club, and tonight some people I know are wanting to go out. Again. I can’t because I strongly can’t, so it’s PJ time for me. Next weekend, sure, if I wasn’t going to be home for break. This weekend? No, no way whatsoever. Funny enough, we had been speaking on introversion and extroversion recently in my psych class, and for those of you who may be unaware of the difference, here it is: extroversion is, basically, when someone can regain their energy form being around others and being around others uplifts their mood more than if they were on their own, while introversion is when someone needs to take alone time to recharge their batteries and can be happy on their own as much as when hanging out with others, sometimes more so. That’s not to say one is more social than the other, only that they get their energy form different places and one has more ‘stamina’ when it comes to going out night after night.

Now, it isn’t so much the socialization aspect that is in thought here, since extroverts can be recharged simply by going to someplace by themselves as much as with friends. it’s more so the effects that come from large, energetic groups or being on your own. I cannot say much for extroverts, as I can only speak form observation, and I am hardly a voice for all introverts, but I know how large groups affect me. One person, or a handful that I know, is one thing, but going off to some crowded something that involves more than just sitting, is likely to knock me down the next day. And if repeated, the effects will only build. Something else that comes from crowds for me is that my creativity takes a hit. I’m less likely to come up with anything novel after having been out and about, unless I’m in a ‘I want to be around people’ mood, which is rare.

This is purely speculation on my part, but is it not possible that, for both side of the coin, being in their respective settings helps their creativity? If someone is relaxed, they are more likely to be creative. If you are an extrovert, you may be more prone to creativity after coming home from some outing, or during said outing. If you are an introvert, you may be more likely to experience creativity after a nice day on your own or so. Granted it is suggested most people are actually in the middle of these two and the few who are one or the other are outliers, but I’m not entirely certain i agree with this theory. It has also been stipulated, that a few extroverts are really introverts but, because of how society prefers social interaction and participation, these people have ‘tricked’ themselves into thinking they are extroverts; even if they feel constantly run-down and in a not so great mood after being around crowds for a while. That theory may be correct, but it could possibly go either way really.

Even with those two possibilities, I do believe that one’s creativity levels are affected by the sort of person they are. And knowing if you are an introvert or extrovert can be rather helpful in the long run on deciding how to go about certain things in your life. Of course, following what feels right to you can help just as much without knowing if there is an exact name for this. It is also important to understand both sides of this coin. If you are an introvert, you should understand that while extroverts may seem a bit ‘much’ to you, it’s simply how they are, what they need. And if you are an extrovert, you should understand that introverts need that precious alone time that the current fast-paced, social world allows only so little of.

I could get into if virtual interaction, such as Second Life or World of Warcraft, is ‘really’ interaction and if it’ll tire out an introvert and give an extrovert their energy (I don’t think so, least roleplay does me better than large groups of people physically), or if there is a ‘norm’ between the two, and other such things, but there is quite a bit written on the subject. At least from the introvert side, so far only so much is written on extroverts. It would be nice, of course, if there was a healthy amount on both sides, but that is yet to be seen. What really needs to be known, for now, is that if you have friends or family who seem the opposite in some ways, it’s important you understand them and they understand you. Else, you’re friendship/familial relationship won’t work too well.


Gendered Marketing

I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s a mix of funny, true, and sad. Sad because it’s true, that is. It’s also something I noticed and why I am currently in possession of ‘guy’ razors; I got more for less, I don’t need frilly colors, thank you.

It’s also nice they mention the other genders that are recognized now.

Memoirs of a College First Year #1

    So, technically I’m not a freshman, thanks to the credits that transferred over, but I am a first year at Salem College; a first year to any college besides community college even. You may have noticed the ‘#1’ so, yes, there’ll be a few of these, or so I’m hoping. I’m not going to offer advice besides the little that i have, but as I go through this year, I’m hoping that this will help people either feel not so alone, or to have an idea on what they’re getting into, or just for pure interest. This isn’t going to so much go into my personal stuff, there’ll be another post soon about all this so far that’ll be more in depth; this is just to help cover some things that could help others or so.

    Let me start off this first one with something very simple; do NOT rely on your roommate before you even meet. I’ve read this so many times and have just thought it as simple logic that you shouldn’t, but, apparently, some think otherwise. Okay, yes, if you are lucky, you might get paired with someone who you’ll be best of friends with, but you might also hate them with a fiery passion. Or you could be like me, and like some same stuff and get along well enough that you are able to live together. You probably won’t be in your room that often, big school or not, anyhow, but still. if you go to a small school, like me, then you’re more likely to find groups easier, but still. Don’t expect to do everything with your roommate. Sure, hang out the first week or so while y’all both get settled, but, unless you two seriously click, don’t get offended if they wander off, don’t feel guilty if you decide to go to some other people. Don’t use your roommate as a crutch. Just don’t expect that. See how it works for you, if you love your roommate, awesome, if you need a new one, it happens. But don’t expect too much before meeting.

    You’ll find people. It might take some doing, but you will. Hell, I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve found some people who seem nice enough to maybe be friends with. Of course I’m sticking to the other awkward people mostly, but whatever. I know this one is short, but just wanted to get off a starting point, and how expecting the best friend vibe form your roommate is a not so good thing to do seemed like a good one. There are longer articles, probably, about this someplace, too, but it all boils down to the same thing.


I’m feeling…hm, I don’t know how to explain it. Melancholy? Nostalgic? Don’t know. All I do know is that I’m feeling like crying. I’m not alone either; a friend, who I’ll call ‘B’ for ease’s sake, that I hung out with today was feeling the same way, too. Quite a few of my friends have the same plan as me, a few years of community college then off to a four year. Others are still sticking with community college for a bit longer but, for the most part, we’re all…moving on. Four year college or military for the most part. And most of these colleges are at least four hours away from our hometown, if not longer.

What my mind has wandered to is a group of friends of mine who I’ve known since seventh grade, a few girls, B included, who mean so very much to me. I happened to find an old scrapbook I tried keeping and so many silly little things, including a game a friend of mine and I made up. Not to mention my awkward middle school and up school IDs. I also found some old pictures that brought the memories rushing back to me. I’m going to share one, and I warn you, it’s from middle school…so to say we looked young and awkward is an understatement. B and I, besides wandering downtown after coffee and scones/muffins, then heading to the mall, were very much so reminiscing of how, a group of four of us used to wander a different, smaller mall. God, we were so…silly. But there was a photo booth and we used it a few times, and I have two little things from it.


Photo Booth EDIT

Yea, that’s one. Like I said, awkward children. Though, well, we’ve grown up since then, obviously. But it still brings back so many memories. B and another friend, who I’ll refer to as A, are both in the picture with me and there was another girl in our middle school group who I’ll call J. There was a lot of time killed at that mall. We’d run around, being silly children, and…well, do as children do. We thought we were so grown up, our parents letting us go to the mall so often on our own. It was just…freedom. We once tried playing hide and seek in Macy’s, not to mention we found out I could fit in a tote. And J had once brought a blow up swimming pool from the bottom shelf of Target and put it on the floor and sat in it. We were weird to say the least. But we had fun. I remember not really being the type to go out with friends before I met those three girls. J, though, was the most outgoing of us all, and she helped us all come out of our shells, really. A was more like me, and B, while shy, was more social more… Well, she was a lot like the smart, popular girl. Especially as she got older and into high school. Unfortunately A had ended up moving across the country and, I’ll admit, I haven’t kept in touch with her as much as I would like to, but it happens. Maybe I’ll try to soon, least Facebook can help that much.

But we grow up. Our groups of friends change, and I cannot count how many times in my life friends have moved on, as have I. But with these three, two now, it’s different. When A moved away freshman year of high school, I cried. I was going to miss her because, as I said, out of our group, she was most like me. And, now, I’m crying again for a whole other reason. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be able to meet new people and all that, but I’m going to miss J and B. They impacted my life in a huge way. I can still remember J telling me on a chorus trip about how she was bi and about this girl she liked; I still remember Halloween, my last trick-or-treating Halloween, with B. We were dorks, each of us to the last drop, but we loved each other. And still do. Even if we don’t talk as much as we used to, when we do it’s like we never stopped.

So, yes, I’m feeling a bit sad because I know my friend set is about to go through some upheaval again and, as good as that is, I’m going to miss being close to these girls. It takes a lot for me to really, truly count somehow as a friend, but after so many years…how could I not count these two as them? But, well, we grew up. We grew up and now it’s time for us to grow out. We count as adults now, and we actually look like women instead of awkward children.

I think it’s starting to hit me that I’m leaving now. Next week I’ll be gone, and I can only hope that I’ll find new friends as wonderful as the ones I’m leaving behind.