Don’t Like Buying ‘Things’? There is Something Wonderful in the World

I’m still not exactly happy at the moment, but a few things today are little happy spots: finding out the salt water taffy at a gift shop nearby is 10 cents each (cheaper than I thought), a cute maybe virtual kitty (don’t judge, she’s adorable), eating salt water taffy (like now), Anastasia being on Netflix (have a little toy of her, and used to have a ‘to scale’-ish toy of the dog with flappy ears) and a box that had coconut chocolate macaroons in it.

I’m going to talk about the box, because that one store made me supremely happy. I don’t like talking about certain things, admitting certain things, and basically want to deny I have a certain biological function as a woman. I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it. In any case, here’s this: there is a website called The Period Store. While I don’t like talking about these sorts of things, this store, as said, made me really, really happy. No, not just because they have chocolates, different every month, in their box, but because of their customer service. I had issue because, for some reason, it kept thinking I wasn’t putting in my phone number when I was. I emailed. They got back to me a day later, apologizing for the ‘delay’ (I wonder what non-delayed replies are), and then getting it sorted out. It got sorted out, like really quick. I’m still just exuberant about that because customer service is something that can either make me happy or angry, and I was made happy.

Of course it helps, too, that they’ve got all these little packages, one even ‘just’ a treat package, and that it negates the need to go get…stuff. And it’s in a plain cardboard box, so no one needs be the wiser even. Extra yay! Granted it’s late this time (but that kind of thing doesn’t go ‘bad’, so not a waste or anything) because of the delay with signup, but the chocolates are still wonderful. There’s also a little art thing, medicine tablets, tea (different teas per month, too), and whatever else you ordered, which you can change as much as you want. You can even have something come in ‘just’ one package instead of monthly. Even things that you don’t usually find in stores. Okay, well, as I’ve been told, maybe just not the average American Walmart and such.

So, yes, not having to go buy some stuff makes me happy. Plus it came within two days of my getting the email it shipped. It coming with tea and chocolate makes me happy, too, so… It may not take much to make me happy at times, but I’m glad for this. And for any other women who read this and either want something they can’t really find or just don’t like buying those types of things or just think it’s an awesome idea, go and look at the link, which I’ll add here again, too. Click here to check the store out; The Period Store

This is the last time I’ll ever openly talk about this. Ever.