Random Good

    Today has been…long, like all my other days, but long in a good way. I’m still waiting for a bad day to hit me in the face with a brick, but so far so good. There was a club fair, where some local food-places also came with free samples, so ice cream and a brownie made me very happy. And just now, some girls went down the hall, with what was clearly two new boxes of cupcakes bought from somewhere, asking if anyone wanted a cupcake. In short, I’m eating a very nice cupcake right now. Last night, too, someone I know went down calling if anyone wanted cake, but I was working on sleeping so I didn’t poke my head out. All I know is, there is food everywhere and that makes me beyond happy.

    I’ve also seen a bunch of random wildlife; dragonflies, lovely blue butterflies, a groundhog, and what I think might be a finch. The picture of which will follow;


    I even sort of kind of made plans with someone (who I will call E for now) to go on Monday, or some Monday, to get one of the free cake squares from the bakery nearby. And as mentioned before, I have an unofficial Big already. So far, things aren’t bad at all. Of course classes and homework are not my favorite thing (have to go down tomorrow morning to print out a paper) but even my classes aren’t but too bad. Hell, I even got a small part in a play, though I may or may not end up with a bigger-ish part depending since someone decided they couldn’t do it. So, hoping for the best with that.

    Still waiting to be hit hard with something not good at all, but, well, until then, I’m going to enjoy my random animals and cupcakes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ntdc
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 10:03:19

    oh funny little guy, if you see it more often, you need to give it a name. the kind I get around here are more ‘boring’, sparrows and chickadees mainly.



    • Deidre
      Sep 02, 2014 @ 15:07:03

      Apparently it’s a female cardinal, not a finch…which you’d think I’d know since Virginia’s state bird is a cardinal, but however lol
      And yes, I like that idea! Especially since I think she has a nest nearby, as she was pretty adamant about a bush and tree, and I did see a male around a few times near there…so could be I’ll see her again.
      And sparrows and chickadees are not boring, they’re small and adorable…well, least to me lol



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